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  • Theme: Perfect! You mixed two genre making an existing game more interesting. I love it.
  • Audio: It's ok, but i think the music was a bit loud for the game.
  • Visuals: I play too much sokoban back in time. I think the visuals fits very well, but the snake blocks left behind were kinda strange.
  • Gameplay: I miss a button to restart the level i am by the time i make a mistake. I had to restart the whole game and start from level-1 again. Put that aside and the game could make me lose alot of time.

Congratulations on the game. If i could make a suggestion: Create a Mobile version of it. It is a good game to play to kill free time. ;D


I should have made it more apparent, but there is a restart button; 'R'. I will put it in the description now.