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Um, so, in leaving Gareth ending, there's no escape way in the mirror room. But the timer did stop. It continues after I exit the mirror room.

And bringing Gareth ending, uh, Zakhael is too fast for me. I made save checkpoint but in the end, I always die even before the screen lighten up fully. 

About the first one, I never encountered this error, I gotta check it ;__; did you enter and exit the room when the timer stopped?
For the second problem I can trace you the paths on the map... I know it isn't gameplay friendly but I think I would help you quicker while working on the new build; Zakhari is always two or three steps behind you, so there is a way to escape. I'm sorry I can't do more atm ;__;
(But I'll make the rooms larger in the next update so the chase won't be so frustrating, all feedback is helpful)