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over enthusiastic player

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One question, which side is evil? Because I wanna try be evil.

My poor brain cannot finish this puzzle due to some inconvenience. No, it's not your fault. I'm just too dumb for this puzzle.

Maybe you should press 'extract all' to the zip file, then you can play.

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Um, so, in leaving Gareth ending, there's no escape way in the mirror room. But the timer did stop. It continues after I exit the mirror room.

And bringing Gareth ending, uh, Zakhael is too fast for me. I made save checkpoint but in the end, I always die even before the screen lighten up fully. 

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Thanks! My first ending is I kill Gareth but hey, now I'm wondering what are the cookies for?

And the other two ending... how am I supposed to took out the fire at the front door?

Someone... I need a walktrough... I'm stuck at piano and god knows where else I'll be stuck at. I searched Deep Inside walktrough but found none. Pls help this poor soul.

I don't get it. Left library? I mean, am I supposed to check the music sheets? And then what?

I play platform games ever since I was 10. The visual of this game left a good impression and seems promising. 

*Gently clicking download

Is there only one ending?

Aww, come on, don't be like that. We are the players, so that means we're the one who's cursing at the npc... well... it's the title so there's nothing we can do about it.

Thanks for making this game! I had a good time. Yeah, I've finished the game. It's easy to avoid the enemies when I pressed shift to run. But soon after I couldn't beat the angel attack in underwater kingdom, I regretted a bit. Then, I went back and fourth numerous time to kill the mob monsters in underwater dungeon to level up. Then what happen? I beat the underwater 4 bosses who were supposed to be stronger than the angels. Oh wait, considering my level, it's understandable. I've reached level 20 for 4 character. the lowest level of the party group is at least 17 or 16.  Ah... Good memories... Thanks again!

I'm kinda slow. Everyone got the ending already? It's easier if it has taskbar. I mean, yeah... I'm lost. And when I tried to save it, I only can use slot 2 and 4? Is it just me?