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Ok so great game but a lot you need to add. First of all layout isn't all that great altho the fact you can empty garbage is very cool. Second you should do so you can vote anyone and skip. But I really love the effect when you kill, emptying garbage, and you did well :D

Thanks, I would add more too it, but im in school still and I take my grades as higher priority than this, not by much though xD Thanks for the constructive criticism, I thought the empty garbage was good as well, and I would add a voting screen, but I can't until I make the money to buy construct membership, because I have free edition, which, don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but when I buy membership I can add way more and I can make it multiplayer!

& the layout isnt great cause I got interupted while making it, then I got lazy and never finished it, didnt bother with graphics either \_('-')_/


oh lol ok

I am actually going to work on it rn

oh yay