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Mobility has been catching dust a bit because I am doing work on Tahira's Tower (a puzzle game I'm also working on). I like taking on two projects at the same time! As I explained to theMeaty earlier in the week, if I get tired of working on one project, I swap to the second one. Unidrax however has kept producing levels using the grind rails and made this really cool one:

Since I have a vacation now, I also have the time to pick up some stuff aside of those two. For example, I just released Micro Massive II, which was in a finished state for over a year, but I never found the time to tweak it to the level I wanted it to be. It's not that I didn't wanted to, I just kinda forgot about it in the light of the new games I were working on. Since I have not released any game yet this year, I found it an appropriate time to finally pick it up and put all finishing touches in. If you are interested you can grab it here.