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I did find the error was related to the emulator I was using on the 8-bit. When I tried the ATR file in a different emulator, the error disappeared. I will try it on my actual hardware to see if there is the same problem.

Oh interesting. Which emulator for the Atari 8-bit was that? It might be something to mention in the manual. Let me know how real hardware goes.

And is RESTORE the command you're looking for? :)

Yes, RESTORE is the command I'm looking for. Thanks. It might be a good idea to put that in the Readme file.

The emulator is Atari800MacX ( It works on Altirra (Windows 8-bit emulator). I'm assuming the non-standard ATR size is what causes the problem on Atari800MacX. Hopefully, you can put the game on a standard double density (180K) disk as an option. That should eliminate the problem. 

It did work on my XEGS using an Sdrive Max (SIO device that uses Micro SD card) to read the ATR file. I haven't gotten far yet, but it didn't crash when I typed "GO NE" like it did in Atari800MacX.

Sounds good! Thanks for checking on your XEGS! And yes, maybe I'll put that command in the readme. Have fun!

The Atari800MacX author posted something at AtariAge. It appears the problem is that the ATR header is not valid which causes problems with his emulator. 

Thanks for the notification! I will update it this weekend, and then it should be good :)