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Hi! Me and my sister played the game, and it is awesome. The history itself is amazing, no cliché and is a game really  inovative. What else, the couple is so sweet, i really love their personality, with their flaws and qualities, awesome. I ship so much (no offense, but, who is the seme and who is the uke?)

The scenarios are so beautiful and well made, the graphics are so  pretty too. 

Are you thinking about do another game with this theme(yaoi)? Is very rare to find a game with that theme and your was really impressive.

We really really love it.

Thank you

Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words - I'm so glad that both you and your sister enjoyed the game. <3 I didn't really design Jett and Toa with typical yaoi archetypes in mind, so I'm not sure that they fit into clear seme/uke roles...sorry if that doesn't really answer your question, lol.

Of course! Though the main couple in my WIP project, Jubilee Royale, is a yuri pairing, there are yaoi pairings in the game too. I'd also love to make another game where the main pairing is Boy x Boy. Once again, thanks so much for playing, and it makes me super-happy to hear that you two loved it so much!!

Thank you for your answer. 

I think i will play Jubilee Royale too when the demo launches, it looks awesome.

Awesome - thanks very much!! I really appreciate that <3