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Ok, this game looks awesome! I have always high hopes in the yaoi game jams but this game broke all my best expectations! The first entrie looks very promising, and I´ll give it a try as soon as possible.

P.S: The art is gorgeous as hell.

One of the best games in this site! The art is completely stunning and the story blew my mind. Really loved the game. Just wanted the know if there is a walkthrough, I am having trouble finding one.

This game is amazing, probably on of the most beautiful portrait maker game of all times!

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Ok, this game was incredible.

Played it wiht my twin, and we both loved this game. The plot, the art and the love story ,cute as hell, everything is amazing. There are really few games like this, so I hope you do another one soon.

I am in love with this two  and with your games.

Excelent demo. God, I can´t wait for the full release. Loved your firts game and loved this, It´s incredible how you do yours games. I am loving this story and that you can change the apperance of the protagonist. I would love if we colud change the name of him, but if we can´t the game will stil be the same masterpiece. So excited for the release =)

I would pay a million dollars to play the full version of this game. It´s brillant in every way: the history the concept and the art,. English is not my native languague, but I found it really easy to translate and in the same time with a really elegant speaking. Iam really anxious for its full release.  Sorry for the misspellings =)

I am downloading this. My God the plot is amazing. I have never seen something like it. Iam anxious to play the finally version. Is the game long or short? I will play and then comment again. =).

Your games is amazing. Everything is perfect. I just have one doubt. Iam stuck in the origami part. Could you please give me some clue? Thank you.

i will play that game for sure. The ideia is absolutley amazing. Good luck!

The idea sounds awesome, i will certainly play your game. Good luck with te development!

Thank you for your answer. 

I think i will play Jubilee Royale too when the demo launches, it looks awesome.

Hi! Me and my sister played the game, and it is awesome. The history itself is amazing, no cliché and is a game really  inovative. What else, the couple is so sweet, i really love their personality, with their flaws and qualities, awesome. I ship so much (no offense, but, who is the seme and who is the uke?)

The scenarios are so beautiful and well made, the graphics are so  pretty too. 

Are you thinking about do another game with this theme(yaoi)? Is very rare to find a game with that theme and your was really impressive.

We really really love it.

Thank you

This game amazing!!! The story, the controls, the menssage, everything was awesome!

Hi! I loved the idea of the game, it is precisely what i was looking for, but i have a problem: there is no server in the server list so i can´t play. Could you please  help me?

Super cool!! Iam even more anxious to play the game now!!

Hi! Me and my sister loved the game and we are super excited to play the full game.  

And, could you please answer us a question? Had you inspired the characters in someone or something or are they totally original?

Thank you =)