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Thank YOU for playing and for leaving a sweet message!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time with it!

Super glad to hear it! I struggle with acne too so I feel ya there. I’m just so happy he can help folks. :)

Hi, thank you so much for your comment! My partner and I are really touched. We both struggle with depression so Jaemin’s character came from a very personal place. We will try to finish the full version ASAP knowing there are people who relate to the story so much ❤️

Thank you so much!!! We’re really glad to hear you enjoyed it! Cyprienne seems to be many people’s type, hehehe. We hope to have the full version out this summer/fall!

Glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for playing! I’m so happy you felt that way 🥰🥰

THIS IS SUCH A SWEET COMMENT! Thank you so much for playing and for your very generous donation <3 <3 I'm just happy you enjoyed it so much!

Awesome, thanks so much for Let's Playing! I'll check out your video once I get the chance :)

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! We're hoping to finish up the full version summer 2020 :)

No thanks, I’ve decided not to move this project to MV for a variety of reasons. 

AWW THANK YOU!! Key smashes are always welcome though! ;) I appreciate you playing and leaving a comment <3

Super glad to hear it!! Thank you for playing! :)

Really glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for playing. We hope to have the full version done soon :)

Thanks so much for playing, and I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far! I'll watch your LP soon -- I find it really fun to see how folks react to my games. :)

Hey, best of luck to you and your brother! If you ever do end up making a game, you should totally link me. :) And once again, thank you so much.

I agree with that too! It's not the resources that make the game, it's the love and care put into it. Some of the best games I've ever played are indie affairs made by people who just love what they're doing. They inspire me to work harder!

This is so incredibly sweet of you to say!!!!??? Ahh, thank you! It’s such a huge compliment to know that I might’ve inspired other people :’) Really, thanks so much!

Yeah, I’m lucky enough to be in a steady full-time job, so I just make games for fun as a passion project. I just like making up characters and worlds to play around in. I think that gives me more artistic freedom because I don’t have to worry about whether it’s “marketable,” if you know what I mean. But at the same time, that also means I have less time to work on my creative stuff. I do really like my day job, though, so I’m happy. I totally respect the folks who are hustling in the games industry and trying to make a career of it! I just couldn’t handle that intensity lol...I’m cool with making little stories like this on the side. 

AHHHHH!!! THIS IS SO CUTE! I love it, love it, love it! Your shading style is really beautiful, and I think you captured their dynamic perfectly!!! <3 Thank you for your gorgeous work!

This comment is so sweet!!! Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much! That brings a smile to my face. <3

That scene was my absolute favourite to write, so I'm happy to hear it made an impact on you. I made those stars myself in Photoshop, so thanks!! I didn't compose the OST, so I don't think I can legally reupload it anywhere, but the track is called Dreaming in Blue by Quigon if you'd like to search for it yourself.

I’m so happy you liked it!! Thank you for playing our game!!! <3

Of course!!! I absolutely love receiving fanart! <333

Thank you!!! <3 So glad you enjoyed it!


I am so SO happy you enjoyed yourself and that you liked the main character so much!! :’) I’m v happy you felt that the trans rep was organic as well - that is something I strived for! We’ll try to have the full version out as soon as we can and give our sweet girl Brissa the ending she deserves (if you’re not like, a jerk lol)

Also I’m v happy a lot of the early players are going for Cyprienne cause she is my personal fav LOL. (Jaemin is Daniel’s - fun fact!)

Hi there! The game uses keyboard controls, not the mouse, so clicking won't get it to start. Here are the controls for you!

z - select, advance text
x - cancel, open/close menu
s - switch characters
arrow keys - move character or cursor
shift - hold down to run or skip through text
F5 - fullscreen

No worries, and I'm glad you're having fun! :)

Hey there! If you leave the area and come back, the puzzle should reset. 

Thank you so much!! Happy you enjoyed the game <3

Such a charming little game. I loved the interactions between all the characters! Really lovely work on this.

This was SO cute. Beautiful work on the character portraits!! <3

I'm super happy you enjoyed yourself!! <3 (Even if it made you a little jealous, LOL.) Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and please do show me if you ever make that Let's Play!

Hey there!! Thank you for your interest in my game! <3 I don't have a portrait version of that banner image but I can certainly supply you with the text-free version and the logo! Here you go:

Banner image


Those CGs are looking beautiful!

Awesome!! Thank you so much for LPing the game - it's always appreciated. :)

Ahh, you're very kind!! Thank you so much! I'm honoured that you felt that way about my game. :) 

The glass bottle did have a purpose! Perhaps I could've made it clearer, but that part was removed from your inventory toward the end to make a battery. (Unless you somehow found a glitchy workaround? LOL)

This is such an incredibly sweet comment! Thank you so much for your kind words and your support. <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself!

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :) I will definitely be making more games in the future!

That doesn't come across as rude at all! :) Unfortunately, I am unable to publish a Mac version of the game (it's an engine limitation), but there are supposedly workarounds. I haven't personally tested this one, but it may be worth a shot! Otherwise, you'll just have to Google around for ways to play RPG Maker VX Ace games on Mac. I'm very sorry about this!

I'm really sorry, but I don't know that I want other people to use my sprite base. :( I made my own because I wanted my character sprites to stand out from other RPG Maker games and have a unique look. If you want to get started with pixel art, this tutorial is really helpful! I'm sure there are also some freely available sprite bases out there for RPG Maker that are different from the default ones provided. Good luck!!

I don't mind at all! I sprited them from scratch in and Photoshop. I made myself a character sprite base for RPG Maker games and basically added details on top of that.

As a writer, that's exactly what I wanna hear! Thanks for playing! :)