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I’m so happy you liked it!! Thank you for playing our game!!! <3

Of course!!! I absolutely love receiving fanart! <333

Thank you!!! <3 So glad you enjoyed it!


I am so SO happy you enjoyed yourself and that you liked the main character so much!! :’) I’m v happy you felt that the trans rep was organic as well - that is something I strived for! We’ll try to have the full version out as soon as we can and give our sweet girl Brissa the ending she deserves (if you’re not like, a jerk lol)

Also I’m v happy a lot of the early players are going for Cyprienne cause she is my personal fav LOL. (Jaemin is Daniel’s - fun fact!)

Hi there! The game uses keyboard controls, not the mouse, so clicking won't get it to start. Here are the controls for you!

z - select, advance text
x - cancel, open/close menu
s - switch characters
arrow keys - move character or cursor
shift - hold down to run or skip through text
F5 - fullscreen

No worries, and I'm glad you're having fun! :)

Hey there! If you leave the area and come back, the puzzle should reset. 

Thank you so much!! Happy you enjoyed the game <3

Such a charming little game. I loved the interactions between all the characters! Really lovely work on this.

This was SO cute. Beautiful work on the character portraits!! <3

I'm super happy you enjoyed yourself!! <3 (Even if it made you a little jealous, LOL.) Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and please do show me if you ever make that Let's Play!

Hey there!! Thank you for your interest in my game! <3 I don't have a portrait version of that banner image but I can certainly supply you with the text-free version and the logo! Here you go:

Banner image


Those CGs are looking beautiful!

Hey, thank you so much! It means a lot that folks who enjoyed Four Eyes will support this game too! <3

Awesome!! Thank you so much for LPing the game - it's always appreciated. :)

Ahh, you're very kind!! Thank you so much! I'm honoured that you felt that way about my game. :) 

The glass bottle did have a purpose! Perhaps I could've made it clearer, but that part was removed from your inventory toward the end to make a battery. (Unless you somehow found a glitchy workaround? LOL)

This is such an incredibly sweet comment! Thank you so much for your kind words and your support. <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself!

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :) I will definitely be making more games in the future!

That doesn't come across as rude at all! :) Unfortunately, I am unable to publish a Mac version of the game (it's an engine limitation), but there are supposedly workarounds. I haven't personally tested this one, but it may be worth a shot! Otherwise, you'll just have to Google around for ways to play RPG Maker VX Ace games on Mac. I'm very sorry about this!

I'm really sorry, but I don't know that I want other people to use my sprite base. :( I made my own because I wanted my character sprites to stand out from other RPG Maker games and have a unique look. If you want to get started with pixel art, this tutorial is really helpful! I'm sure there are also some freely available sprite bases out there for RPG Maker that are different from the default ones provided. Good luck!!

I don't mind at all! I sprited them from scratch in and Photoshop. I made myself a character sprite base for RPG Maker games and basically added details on top of that.

As a writer, that's exactly what I wanna hear! Thanks for playing! :)

The font is called Shumi! You can download it for free here. And here's the text-free image for you!

Thank you so much!! Your kind words mean a lot to me! And yes, feel free to translate the game into any language you wish. :)

Unfortunately, no. It's a limitation of the game engine I'm using. Sorry!

Woohoo!! Cannot wait to play!

Sure!! Go for it! And thanks very much. <3 Let me know if there's anything specific you need me to do, like files I would need to send, etc.

AHH MAN, this whole post is incredibly sweet!!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! <3 <3 I really do love cheesy love stories so I had a blast making this ahaha...I'm so, so happy to know that you enjoyed it, and that you got into the characters. Have a fantastic day!! o/ if there ever were some kind of fan community I think I'd die of happiness lol ;;

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Thank you so, so much for this lovely comment!!! Reading it made me smile. <3 I will absolutely make more games in the future, so please keep an eye out!

Wonderful!! I can't wait to see the artwork, and as I said already on DA, I absolutely LOVE the cosplay!!! I was so excited to see it! This is the first time anyone's ever cosplayed a character of mine, so thank you so much for doing that :')

Awesome! I'll send that along asap :)

Thank you!! :)

Good idea - I'll have to add it to the control blurb at the beginning of future games!

Sure thing! I'll send you a list of songs and the music packs from which I obtained them. Is there anywhere I could privately contact you when that's all finished?

Thank you very much for this awesome comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! I feel the same way about visual novels too, oftentimes, which is why I prefer to make more interactive games like this one that have visual novel elements (like plenty of dialogue, character portraits, etc). It was short because I originally made it for a game jam, but I plan to make some longer games in the future!

I'm sorry that it was so difficult to find that fullscreen option! I'm not sure if there's any way to pop it right in the menu with the game engine I used, but I'll look into it. That seems like something that should be possible. There was a file in the game's folder that contained control instructions as well, so I'll try to make that file more obvious!

The music wasn't actually created by me (they were all purchased or royalty-free tracks) so I'm not sure if I could legally distribute the game's soundtrack. I could send you a list of all the songs I used, though, if you'd like! That way maybe you could track them down yourself. :)

Awesome!!! No pressure to do it, of course, but I'd definitely freak out (in a good way) if you did. :')

I don't mind at all!! What's yours? I'd love to have a look at your fanart! You can of course post any 4E-related pictures you make - no need to ask my permission. For sure! If you'd like to message me over Twitter, Tumblr, or Deviantart, go right ahead!! If you'd prefer to email me, I also have a contact form on my website. (I just don't post my email publicly to avoid spam.)

Thank you very much!!! I'm working on a couple of other projects right now! One is a short Twine game, and one is a long-term RPG project! I hope you'll enjoy them too. <3

Wow, thank you for leaving this fantastic comment!! This totally made my day. <3 It always makes me really happy to hear that people loved the game, and especially that the characters are relatable and lovable! 

If you do decide to cosplay Toa, I have one very important rule that you must follow: SEND LOTS OF PHOTOS!

I thank you right back for playing!! Have an awesome day!

Hooray! I'm always happy to hear that fangirling happened! :) Haha, yeaaahh...I'll be the first to admit that this love story is quite a cheesy one. But hey, I guess there are folks like you and I out there who like that, so it's all good, right? Thanks so much for supporting future releases, too! <3 Have a good one!

Hi there! The walkthrough might be able to help you:

Hey, thanks so much for all of the feedback! I'll definitely take your critiques into account for my next game - the rushed story thing in particular is one that several people have pointed out, so it's something I'm trying very hard to avoid in the future. :) (As for the star-crossed lovers and really royalty tropes...I'm actually a big fan of them, so we'll have to agree to disagree on them being a bad thing LOL.) I'll work on improving my pixel sprites too! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed the game overall <3

Awesome - thanks very much!! I really appreciate that <3