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Sorry - I was not precise.

I have played the game with a friend now and we have problems to exit the game - I miss an exit option as part of the menu - or just pressing Esc in the menu to exit the game (maybe with yes/no dialogue).

With Logitech F310 the left analogue stick can be used to steer  but none of the buttons has a function. Would be nice if A (and X) were similar to space and Start same function as Esc (to invoke the main menu).

We encountered a bug by pressing Esc during the tutorial being stuck in a black screen with mouse cursor and music playing (i.e. no menu appearing).

It is really impressive what can be done in such small time.

Hi again, I released an update for the game, with the addition of an exit button and other features with bugfixes.


Thanks for the reply and your work.

But it seems only the Windows version was updated ... and I am using GNU/Linux (as visible by my avatar ;) ... so can not check right now ...

Oh sorry, my bad 😅 I thought your friend was on Linux. Anyways, I added it in the Download section, it is available now!