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Dude, it sucks that one user got vengative by posting a shitty review all of which is false and mal-intentioned.

And so sorry about the elite levels. I was really looking forward for a true over-the-top extra challenge, since I completed all levels in the game.

Well I guess I'll have to develop my own levels and have a sip with it.

I'll look forward to any of your projects. As I said before I have played PowBall since it's original release WAY BACK in 1996 and I think it's one of the best arkanoid clones. Even my niece enjoys the original game by a lot.

1996. Makes one feel old, doesn't it?  lol.

If you can design levels suitable for the Elite set, I would be very interested in seeing them. I was hoping players would submit their levels to me actually. I could make a whole set that includes the best pick of player designed levels.  You never know, the Elite set might get added one day.