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This really looks to be promising and sound really fun. Hope you complete it soon so me and my friends can play it. Especially in online mode (if you have it planned, which I hope you do).

Dude, it sucks that one user got vengative by posting a shitty review all of which is false and mal-intentioned.

And so sorry about the elite levels. I was really looking forward for a true over-the-top extra challenge, since I completed all levels in the game.

Well I guess I'll have to develop my own levels and have a sip with it.

I'll look forward to any of your projects. As I said before I have played PowBall since it's original release WAY BACK in 1996 and I think it's one of the best arkanoid clones. Even my niece enjoys the original game by a lot.

Hey Anthony,

I'm extremely glad to have this game. I've purchased your Renaissance release a few years ago and I'm glad I did.

One thing I feel I'm missing is the elite levels. I remember in the original "Coming Soon" thread that Elite and Retro levels were going to be made. Retro levels appeared last year. Did you scrap the elite level pack or is it coming anyways?

Cheers and also thanks for the memories with the original Powball way back in 1996.