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Lots of negativity coming right up, don't take it the wrong way though. This game looks great and I hope you improve it for the final release.

I loved Crooked Silence and I was really looking forward to ruptured but I gotta be honest with you; those climbing vines at the start of the demo almost made me quit right then and there. They might be the worst functioning ladder I have ever seen in any game I have ever played. You fall right through them unless you stop your momentum at the exact right point which is extremely frustrating. In fact, the whole jump to climb thing feels really bad on normal ladders too. What you'd need to do would be to make the vines solid so you smack into them, and have forward also act as climb so you climb as soon as you touch the vines.

Other things I noticed:
The game crashes on startup if you choose fantastic as graphics preset.
If you alt-tab it freezes.
Very low mouse sensitivity.
For a shooter with this aesthetic it is quite slow on the movement speed.
Whenever you enter a room every enemy seem to be aggroed right away and swarming you.
Weapons don't switch when they run out of ammo.
The jump seems to not always work, I think it's because your edges are literal, in most games edges are programmed to be a little further out than they actually are when it comes to jumping so that you don't have to look down to make sure you're not a pixel too far out.
If you stand right against something and try to jump onto it your jump seem to be much lower than if you walk a bit away and then jump onto it.

Now this all sounds very negative and I will admit that I didn't have much fun and didn't even finish the demo because of it. But I do love what you are aiming for. I love your use of color and I extremely love that you have enemy infighting.


Ima be honest with you man... First off im not a programmer and I try to say this as often as I can... I can only do so much to improve everything and people expect a lot from this project.  Most of my games are pretty much stitched together... Im not ashamed of it. Im a art guy and im very into the animation and art and music of video games the programing part isn't something im too big on... Yes that sounds bad but look at it this way I try my best to fix most of the problems people have with Rupture. For a big example the projectile enemies were all hit scan in the start of the project... I knew people hated hitscan so  I spent at long trying to rig up a system for projectiles and since idk how to code I had to watch and search the internet for bits and parts to finally make a decent projectile system... Yes I know this is my job as a game dev... And trust me ill do anything to try and improve Rupture, its just a bit harder for me and takes more time.

Ladders and vines: Yea they are a bit iffy but that already something im looking into. Their supposed to be walk forward and climb but some reason its space. You have to hold space while in the trigger of the ladder/vine its a bit wonky but its something I got use to while developing. When you work on something so long you dont see the small flaws very often

Gravity and speed: Currently working on this as I write this... If I make the character any faster he will fly off stage when going off a ramp lol. Most of the speed you can build up is from strafe jump. The character has awkward gravity due to his controller so he is kinda floaty and its hard to explain. The game is not supposed to be entirely fast, im leaning more towards quakish speed maybe slightly slower. As the description said for the demo the game is still trying to be its own thing

The graphic bug: I honestly dont know whats happening there because it launches fine when I start the demo

Low mouse sensitivity: I still need to learn how to add options like that and brightness but that isn't my main concern atm

aggroed: Most enemies are just as fast or slightly slower than the main character. Key to combat is keep moving and take out priority targets. E1M1 is very close quarters so enemies hear you when you shoot so they get aggroed quicker. During these moments  you should use the umbra shield to block projectiles and focus on melee types. Strafing is key. ( I may nerf their hearing range)

Weapons switching: ill have to look into it but idk if ill be able to fix it

Jumping and wall: Jumping defiantly has a issues when it comes to walls since the character uses physics to move around. His jump will be nerfed due to his body being against a wall due to friction so basically works how it does in real life if you press up against a wall. This is a issue I have been trying to fix and look at.

Thank you for your feedback and playing the game. Also Crooked was made with the same system as Rupture just tweaked very very differently from each other.

My problem with aggroed enemies is mainly that they come at you in a big group, often before you even enter the room because you shot at something else in a corridor before that room.

Oh and I completely understand your perspective on the art over programming. I am the same but worse, I've made graphics for others games but whenever I try my hand at programming something of my own or even using Unity with code assets it just feels like such a hurdle.