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I like what I see :)

If realism = boring and frustrating, I want none of it.

Very nice stuff, the third level up until the boss felt a bit easier than the second level though.

Oof, the lack of autosave is brutal =P Good game though, very nice pixelart.

Seeing all this cross program integration makes me wonder, is the plan to eventually make one mega program with all of these different generators inside?

"Potentially fixed an issue where the player camera will move while inspecting objects"
This still happened yo me today whenever I moved the mouse without holding down the left mouse button.

Yes it is, since you yourself has no idea if it'll hear you or not.

Short but sweet. I'm glad you're expanding on this :)

This was really good. I'd love to see you expand on it with more levels and perhaps a bit more varied combat.

It says Unity at the start.

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For some reason only the bugged version is available through the itch app.

Edit: This is really good, damn hard though :P

The keyboard controls are really weird. You walk diagonally with the WASD keys and have to use two keys to walk in the cardinal directions, really odd and makes it much harder than it should be.

Congrats on the release

Great to hear! :)

That's what I get for downloading games and then taking weeks to actually play them (together with not checking for updates) =P

I played the demo for 69 (nice) minutes and I didn't even beat the third level. This demo is bigger than a lot of games.

Great fun too :)

Really neat FPS dungeon crawler combo.

I found some bugs:

When you're dead you can click space to go upwards as if climbing a ladder, you noclip out of the ceiling and go into space =P

If an enemy is a few tiles away it seems you can spam-click faster than they move and thus override the turn-based timer, killing them before they can attack you even if they logically would have if you'd clicked once per turn.

Any possibility of this getting updated for modern Windows? It looks really good.

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Great little game, but I found one flaw that kept me from completing it. You can't load from the menu, you gotta run all the way back to the inn from the start just to load a game when you die.

Edit: Looks like I played 0.9, is this perhaps fixed in the updated version?

Very nice story and atmosphere, I could see this expanded into something really good.

You can softlock the game in the lower bathroom by walking up on the toilet, from the toilet to the sink, and from there into the bathtub from which you cannot leave.

Yes, but your use of it is pretty unconventional which makes it stand out among the rest of the entries. I've really enjoyed your use of color since I first saw your stuff on Pixelation around 15-20 years ago.

I always love your palettes.

And of course, making the games too easy wouldn't improve them. But it's different dying knowing you effed up compared to dying just becuz.

Just the ability to know if shes above/below you.

Right, I did figure the meat hiding places eventually. I just think it would be better to have his path be random like his movement in the main game, but also not have him see a single pixel of you result in instant death.

And I think the volume of Sunky's noises is fine, I mean you want to hear her, just some places you run to can be very far from a staircase so if you go to it on the wrong floor you wont have enough time to correct your mistake.

Tunky: Good stuff, like the original but with a slightly trickier AI ensuring the game is not as easy as the original. The expanded ending is a nice touch and I'm glad there's a checkpoint before it.

Bunky: Just like the original I kinda hate it lol. I just don't understand how Bunky works and don't think I've ever been able to escape once I've been spotted, goes for the original and this remake haha. I did play through it on practice mode to see if there was something I was missing (there wasn't) and I assume the ending section here is also new? I feel it is a bit too much trial and error until you just memorize every move to make.

Sunky: Brilliant! Took a little while to learn how it works but once you get that, this AI is fantastic. This one feels completely skill-based. The one addition I'd suggest is maybe some sort of muffled effect to her noises if she's on a different floor from your current one.

If you've downloaded it using the Itch app then check how much empty space you have on your computer, the Itch app will download the archive but not extract the files if you don't have enough free space. The game is pretty big but for some reason the extraction process requires a lot more space than the actual game takes, I can't remember exactly how much but I needed to free up more than 10 gigabytes of space to be able to extract it manually.

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Oh I just realized I missed that there was a map function, I'm pretty sure the place where it happened was the bedroom near the middle of the map. Edit: Oh yes, it happened again in that very room. He just stands outside growling forever.

Erm, didn't know there was a difference, if it happens again I'll be sure to take some screenshots.

I just had this same sort of bug happen with Bunky except it was right outside a closet door when I was inside the closet. He of course killed me once I opened it again but he couldn't open it himself.

Ooh, I tried the red button again and this time it worked, but only on the outer third of it, I think the fact that the menu isn't dynamically refitted to the resolution makes the button hitboxes and their graphics not match. It's not a problem in the middle of the screen where it only seems to make the buttons' hitboxes slightly bigger in both directions, but seems to get worse the further you are to the sides of the screen.

And while this screen looks correct, a few other screens in this game as well as others can have the UI slightly off center to the right which occasionally results in text being cut off.

Since you asked I also tried going into windowed mode and lo and behold, that actually fixed it. I've seen plenty of games where the windowed mode retains the aspect ratio.

Fantastic game, a little odd that rooby snacks and rubber boots are both tier 1 items since they greatly reduce the difficulty of the game, more so than anything else I tried.

There is an extras label in the menu but I can't click it despite having beaten every level, was it never implemented or is the button for it off the screen because I'm using a 16:10 resolution perhaps?

Playing this in the itch launcher only A and D work to turn, while waliking forward or background does not, it does however run smoothly framerate wise. Playing it in Chrome I can walk but the framerate is like 2/3 per second and terrible delay too.

Good work on the atmosphere and gameplay variety.


I woulda loved a strafe move because it's a bit hard judging when to turn so you gotta turn again, go forward then turn once more if you misjudge.

Hmm, I've always wondered why UE4 games give me a popup at the beginning asking for internet access (which I never give,) I assume this is what causes the game to crash for some.

Nice, I was thinking about your previous game just a few days ago wondering if you were gonna expand on those ideas and here you are. 

The monkey puppet is an... interesting addition =P

Really fun game overall but the endings were quite disappointing considering the text for them are locked behind nightmare mode which I'm nowhere near good enough to beat. In fact, the only satisfying ending was the one you get if you die =P

Pretty neat game overall, the soundscape was a bit empty at times and some things like those ash bodies or whatever they were seemed to have very large hitboxes.
Now what I'd love to know is the backstory behind those 15th century Viking raids =P