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Great fun!

Very nice. I got completely stumped several times Silent Hill style but it wasn't until I left the building that I felt completely lost, and maybe that's just how the demo ends I donno.

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Chopping wood inside is one way

Are you seriously selling a game with not only voice clips from movies but music stolen from Darkest Dungeon?

Really fun concept, I hope you make something bigger in this style someday.

This game is very customizeable, you can make things more muted and make the animations of the backgrounds slower or even take them out completely, as long as you go into settings before you start and tune things to your preferred style, nobody should have a problem playing this.

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I really like the look of this game and the sound is pretty good too although a bit sparse. But this felt like one of the later levels in a puzzle game where you have to do everything exactly right, sometimes even pixel perfect, or you fail.

Also booba!

I thought the hex key glitched through the map once (on this level too) but turns out it just stopped having that glow and I could still grab it once I realized where I'd dropped it... still, very annoying bug.

So freakin good!

Not unless they stealth added it in with this new version.

Took me five hours (plus maybe one more back in like 2020 when I got the old version,) but I finally beat the game. Would have gotten this final run deathless too if I hadn't misplaced that damn lighter and had to run around looking for it =P

No regrets!

Congrats on the release. How do we request our key?

I'm really liking this series of games.

This line has snuck into the English version it seems.
"Este bosque es muy oscuro. No pienso adentrarme más sin linterna."

Fantastic bite-sized game. Loved the atmosphere and the art and music was just right for it.

It was pretty fun but man did your style improve between this and Bloodwash.

I like what I see :)

If realism = boring and frustrating, I want none of it.

Very nice stuff, the third level up until the boss felt a bit easier than the second level though.

Oof, the lack of autosave is brutal =P Good game though, very nice pixelart.

Seeing all this cross program integration makes me wonder, is the plan to eventually make one mega program with all of these different generators inside?

"Potentially fixed an issue where the player camera will move while inspecting objects"
This still happened yo me today whenever I moved the mouse without holding down the left mouse button.

Yes it is, since you yourself has no idea if it'll hear you or not.

Short but sweet. I'm glad you're expanding on this :)

This was really good. I'd love to see you expand on it with more levels and perhaps a bit more varied combat.

It says Unity at the start.

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For some reason only the bugged version is available through the itch app.

Edit: This is really good, damn hard though :P

The keyboard controls are really weird. You walk diagonally with the WASD keys and have to use two keys to walk in the cardinal directions, really odd and makes it much harder than it should be.

Congrats on the release

Great to hear! :)

That's what I get for downloading games and then taking weeks to actually play them (together with not checking for updates) =P

I played the demo for 69 (nice) minutes and I didn't even beat the third level. This demo is bigger than a lot of games.

Great fun too :)

Really neat FPS dungeon crawler combo.

I found some bugs:

When you're dead you can click space to go upwards as if climbing a ladder, you noclip out of the ceiling and go into space =P

If an enemy is a few tiles away it seems you can spam-click faster than they move and thus override the turn-based timer, killing them before they can attack you even if they logically would have if you'd clicked once per turn.

Any possibility of this getting updated for modern Windows? It looks really good.

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Great little game, but I found one flaw that kept me from completing it. You can't load from the menu, you gotta run all the way back to the inn from the start just to load a game when you die.

Edit: Looks like I played 0.9, is this perhaps fixed in the updated version?

Very nice story and atmosphere, I could see this expanded into something really good.

You can softlock the game in the lower bathroom by walking up on the toilet, from the toilet to the sink, and from there into the bathtub from which you cannot leave.

Yes, but your use of it is pretty unconventional which makes it stand out among the rest of the entries. I've really enjoyed your use of color since I first saw your stuff on Pixelation around 15-20 years ago.

I always love your palettes.

And of course, making the games too easy wouldn't improve them. But it's different dying knowing you effed up compared to dying just becuz.