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My problem with aggroed enemies is mainly that they come at you in a big group, often before you even enter the room because you shot at something else in a corridor before that room.

Oh and I completely understand your perspective on the art over programming. I am the same but worse, I've made graphics for others games but whenever I try my hand at programming something of my own or even using Unity with code assets it just feels like such a hurdle.

Lots of negativity coming right up, don't take it the wrong way though. This game looks great and I hope you improve it for the final release.

I loved Crooked Silence and I was really looking forward to ruptured but I gotta be honest with you; those climbing vines at the start of the demo almost made me quit right then and there. They might be the worst functioning ladder I have ever seen in any game I have ever played. You fall right through them unless you stop your momentum at the exact right point which is extremely frustrating. In fact, the whole jump to climb thing feels really bad on normal ladders too. What you'd need to do would be to make the vines solid so you smack into them, and have forward also act as climb so you climb as soon as you touch the vines.

Other things I noticed:
The game crashes on startup if you choose fantastic as graphics preset.
If you alt-tab it freezes.
Very low mouse sensitivity.
For a shooter with this aesthetic it is quite slow on the movement speed.
Whenever you enter a room every enemy seem to be aggroed right away and swarming you.
Weapons don't switch when they run out of ammo.
The jump seems to not always work, I think it's because your edges are literal, in most games edges are programmed to be a little further out than they actually are when it comes to jumping so that you don't have to look down to make sure you're not a pixel too far out.
If you stand right against something and try to jump onto it your jump seem to be much lower than if you walk a bit away and then jump onto it.

Now this all sounds very negative and I will admit that I didn't have much fun and didn't even finish the demo because of it. But I do love what you are aiming for. I love your use of color and I extremely love that you have enemy infighting.

I wasn't too sold on the demo but this first episode was pretty fantastic.

Very nice overall, but if you get hurt on the first enemy your screen will remain red-ish for the rest of the game.

You also see another square building further to the left which can't be reached normally, that makes it even more "clear" that you need to find another path to it, and voila there's that path  inbetween them.

There is a square building where you find a green orb, right to the left of it (left of you when you look at the building) there's a path leading down.

This game has some good stuff in it but a serious lack of directions on what to do, along with extremely low mouse sensitivity and the strange fact that you can't walk down a slope without dying in one place that really looks like a pathway prevented me from enjoying it.

Grade-A toilet adventure.

Holy moly, I'd pay full price for a full game of this. Great work, you really captured that Silent Hill 1 atmosphere.

-To-tooooooot!- The trumpets of heaven sound the apocalypse.

I missed it :_((

Playing this after being awake for 26 hours and occasionally nodding off just to be awakened by the music and inevitably staring into a blank wall was quite some experience.

This game was pretty fucking amazing. The only bad thing about it is that the endscreen text goes away really fast, if you are ever to patch it I would suggest having it stay until you click space.

Takes a bit getting used to but you used the limitations of the jam very well. And the pixelart is really beautiful.

Surprisingly fun

Psychedelic to the max.

Mouse-look didn't work for me, the cursor just moved over the screen. Luckily the camera worked on my xbox controller.

Great and clever name. Game wasn't half bad either. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out when developed further.

Would love to see this expanded, very solid base for something big.

This is probably the most extreme I've seen the psx style texture warping done. And it worked very well with the mood of the game.

The game froze on me when exiting the building on the ground floor, tried it twice and it happened both times.

The controls felt a bit clunky so I tried it with my xbox controller and having two sticks felt fine, however, there were no buttons for going up or down which was really weird.

Big props for the player body. Most games skip that to the point of even having items just float in front of you, much more immersive the way you have it.

This would have been such a great opener to something.

Well that was... interesting...

More work was put into this update than was put into most of the roguelikes on steam.

(1 edit)

How do you get this game running on Windows 10?

Edit: And DirectPlay is not the problem, trying to launch the game from its folder turns direct play on if its turned off.

The part after you leave the sewer is pretty damn glitchy, if you take the wrong door (which you can do through the fire) you can come into older versions of the area without enemies or fire. And even if you go into the right room where the ladder is, if you press the electronics on the wall you'll once again get the cutscene of you hiding as the red man clomps inside for  a stroll. And if you shoot a zombie that's already been felled it stands up again for you to kill it allover again. Then during the final fight, the door you came out of was open but gave the message that it was locked =P

I hope you fix all these glitches so I can recommend the game to people, because the rest is pretty solid =)

Larger ammo pickups for Kustam? I played through the wad Diabolus Ex (which is usually pretty hard,) with him and I was drowning in ammo, I don't think I ever switched back to the staff one I first switched to the gun actually.

The maps this make looks so freakin real.

Quick question: Is there an option to have the camera at face level to get sprites that would work well for a 2.5D fps game?

I'm sure you'll discover what works best in time :)

Is it really wise to put a 3 in the title when it is so different from the other games? I mean, it might drive off some people (games don't have this problem as much as movies with high numbers do, but I'm sure it can happen,) and players coming into it expecting a squad based traditional rogue-like might be turned off too. I'd suggest removing the number and adding some sub-title since it will be more of a spin-off. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out, really liked the first game and I also like FPS games.

Any updates on this? Love the script as it is and would love to see it expanded :)

Is there a wait button? If not there should be, gets a bit annoying having to run up to the closest wall and bump into it so that you get the first attack against enemies. I think the little skip animation between steps is a bit too slow (Actually I'd prefer it to be instant walking, buuuut I know others like transitions.) Other than that, I managed to lock the game when looking for a wait button by clicking something that activated a popup in the browser (opera) and when I'd gone out of it the game was just frozen (music still playing.)

Loving this so I donated a buck, if I would wish for one thing it is that the movement was improved(and added to those views that don't have it.)
As it is, you can move forward and backwards and you can strafe (to use FPS terms) but you can only turn the camera with the mouse (as far as I can tell) and the mouse doesn't lock to the game window so after a few degrees you stop turning.Loving all your proc-gen stuff by the way, it's the kind of tech that has always fascinated me.

That is what public domain is for :)