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Title still says free even though it now has a price.

I'm sure you'll discover what works best in time :)

Is it really wise to put a 3 in the title when it is so different from the other games? I mean, it might drive off some people (games don't have this problem as much as movies with high numbers do, but I'm sure it can happen,) and players coming into it expecting a squad based traditional rogue-like might be turned off too. I'd suggest removing the number and adding some sub-title since it will be more of a spin-off. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out, really liked the first game and I also like FPS games.

Any updates on this? Love the script as it is and would love to see it expanded :)

Is there a wait button? If not there should be, gets a bit annoying having to run up to the closest wall and bump into it so that you get the first attack against enemies. I think the little skip animation between steps is a bit too slow (Actually I'd prefer it to be instant walking, buuuut I know others like transitions.) Other than that, I managed to lock the game when looking for a wait button by clicking something that activated a popup in the browser (opera) and when I'd gone out of it the game was just frozen (music still playing.)

Loving this so I donated a buck, if I would wish for one thing it is that the movement was improved(and added to those views that don't have it.)
As it is, you can move forward and backwards and you can strafe (to use FPS terms) but you can only turn the camera with the mouse (as far as I can tell) and the mouse doesn't lock to the game window so after a few degrees you stop turning.Loving all your proc-gen stuff by the way, it's the kind of tech that has always fascinated me.

That is what public domain is for :)