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Low poly models are easy to make just watch a blender video. it should take you less than a day really.

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Controller support is limited and I haven't really worked on it but combat in the game isn't that twitchy for the most part you can even check some let's plays on YouTube. You can use melee for most of the main game and only 1 of the 3 stories in DLC is Gun focused.

But if your saying something like your hands physically can't use a keyboard and mouse due to like a disability that'll be something I'll have to look into in the future to allow more accessibility for everyone.

Haven't been able to work on It but ill look into fixing some of these things! Is the zombie thing happening on multiple paths? Thank you for playing my games as well.

The creator actually had a updated version of it for current unity I believe but he had lost the original account so he was unable to update rfps to become even better which is sad because this asset is incredible to work with. I do hope he finds a way to continue his work.

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Essentially it's a base kit/template that you would buy from the asset store to help you with development time.

It also really helps artist (Like myself) to create games even if they don't know how to code.

Rfps (realistic first person shooter kit) is just a really great tool if built on top of to make a good single player fps game.

Sadly the kit has been outdated for a while so it's impossible to buy or use in newer game engines unless you know how to convert it.

Yup I tired my best to make it unique compared to most of the other people using rfps. While I know most people bought it because they don't know code (Me included) they usually never change anything and make it their own. So I tried my best replacing everything I could!

Steam is something I'd have to look into. And idk if my games are quite steam worthy yet lol! But maybe in the future.

Sorry it took so long to reply I dont really stay up to date on sites and I've been a bit busy. Just to give you a heads up I'm artist before anything so my games are very stitched together its kinda hard to explain but it was a solo project. If you'd like to contact me you can here: ill try my best to respond! I guess im not as social as other Devs you could say but Id like to hear what you have to say!

Sorry this I took so long but as I was messing around with the project and tested a new level and got some lag sometimes.

Did you try restarting the level through the main menu? That might help not entirely sure.

sadly idk what's wrong myself only have one computer to test my game and it runs fine here and on others people's computers. How did you launch the game? From a zip or another way?

In this game or Tales from the dark?

thanks for playing I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'll keep what you said in mind.

Let's not forget I'm no code master or anything. I'm a artist before anything so it does take me longer to figure out problems and to fix fhem

It's not only the fact of despawnig but the players immersion. Let's say one of the enemies decides to follow you through the map then you hit one of these despawn checkpoints while one is on the screen it would be kinda funky to look at. 

But don't get me wrong its definitely something I'll have to look into because this is something that will also effect "Rupture" if I don't study into it a bit more.

It's very strange that you experience this and I'm sure your computer could definitely handle it so I won't blame your hardware or anything plus the game is low poly and low res so I don't know what could be the problem. Each story is a small map so it shouldn't take much to render and lighting is baked for the most part. I always test each part of a game when I put it out and run through it multiple times  and never had a problem with zofia and crow.

The Main Crooked Silence game is much more complicated in design and mechanics than Tales from the Dark and I watched your video on that and that seemed fine so it confuses why the stories aren't working for you.

Can you jump into the game and tell me exactly what happens from the beginning. I may have one idea that could have caused it but it didn't give me any problems so I didn't think it could be the case.

If your talking about any story that uses guns your ment to kill every enemy on the map. Running away from to many enemies is what will cause the most lag in the game. The game doesn't have a despawn function so it's important to kill everything on sight. Yes it is flaw but both games are ment to be small projects so it wasn't something I thought about while making the game and it's not something I can personally easily fix atm. Right now I'm working on my main and other projects and I'm trying to give these a bit more attention.

If you ran past all enemies this will happen otherwise idk what to tell you haven't had anyone else say this. Pretty much most encounters require you to kill them. There was no counter measure to running past enemies and despawning them because it was always intended to kill them. 

Sorry it took so long to reply! Most of the stuff that you listed im definitely looking at and tweaking. For the jump and gravity I made a bit better so far.

As for the discord yea man go for it lol its probably best someone else runs it then myself. Im not very good with discord unless im feeling active. I guess its due to anxiety issues.

Ima be honest with you man... First off im not a programmer and I try to say this as often as I can... I can only do so much to improve everything and people expect a lot from this project.  Most of my games are pretty much stitched together... Im not ashamed of it. Im a art guy and im very into the animation and art and music of video games the programing part isn't something im too big on... Yes that sounds bad but look at it this way I try my best to fix most of the problems people have with Rupture. For a big example the projectile enemies were all hit scan in the start of the project... I knew people hated hitscan so  I spent at long trying to rig up a system for projectiles and since idk how to code I had to watch and search the internet for bits and parts to finally make a decent projectile system... Yes I know this is my job as a game dev... And trust me ill do anything to try and improve Rupture, its just a bit harder for me and takes more time.

Ladders and vines: Yea they are a bit iffy but that already something im looking into. Their supposed to be walk forward and climb but some reason its space. You have to hold space while in the trigger of the ladder/vine its a bit wonky but its something I got use to while developing. When you work on something so long you dont see the small flaws very often

Gravity and speed: Currently working on this as I write this... If I make the character any faster he will fly off stage when going off a ramp lol. Most of the speed you can build up is from strafe jump. The character has awkward gravity due to his controller so he is kinda floaty and its hard to explain. The game is not supposed to be entirely fast, im leaning more towards quakish speed maybe slightly slower. As the description said for the demo the game is still trying to be its own thing

The graphic bug: I honestly dont know whats happening there because it launches fine when I start the demo

Low mouse sensitivity: I still need to learn how to add options like that and brightness but that isn't my main concern atm

aggroed: Most enemies are just as fast or slightly slower than the main character. Key to combat is keep moving and take out priority targets. E1M1 is very close quarters so enemies hear you when you shoot so they get aggroed quicker. During these moments  you should use the umbra shield to block projectiles and focus on melee types. Strafing is key. ( I may nerf their hearing range)

Weapons switching: ill have to look into it but idk if ill be able to fix it

Jumping and wall: Jumping defiantly has a issues when it comes to walls since the character uses physics to move around. His jump will be nerfed due to his body being against a wall due to friction so basically works how it does in real life if you press up against a wall. This is a issue I have been trying to fix and look at.

Thank you for your feedback and playing the game. Also Crooked was made with the same system as Rupture just tweaked very very differently from each other.

oh my bad I don't think my downloads work for the app. It's a zip file that you download and unzip

strange have you been able to fix it yet?

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Yea I have a discord, instagram or email (Sorry about being hard to contact and slow  at replying irl has been in the way). If you have a different way you want to talk I'll look into it.

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it is I posted a video on it after I finished Crooked Silence. Just go to crooked silence and you can find my YouTube from the trailer video.

Rupture is my main project and it's big so sometimes I get burnt out when I'm working on it.

sorry about not responding soon enough been really busy lately. I'm really glad you like the game... I have something else in the works but nothing big like crooked.

About contacting me. I don't really have a main way to contact me as of now it's just the comment section. I don't really have plans on updating this game any further because it was more a side project and it did well for being so. Some things I wouldn't be able to fix due to my knowledge on coding. This game is held together in a way it'd be difficult to figure out how to actually do or fix certain things.

1st one is in the house upstairs. When you go upstairs the wall in front of you is the one your looking for. You'll see tiny little holes where the breakable wall is. Hit it and you'll find a secret vent.

2nd is in the same room as the statue that gives you hints. It's to the right of the locked door in the right corner.

Thanks for playing multiple times and for your support :)

Huh thats a new one... I just ran through the game to check it out. If your in the secret vent inside the house and can move after crouching you just have to hit the wall you came in trough (it'll be invisible from your view) 

...But... if your in the lab with all the dead bodies... im sorry to say your at of luck there... this is something i didn't know about and im really sorry that you had to find it in this way... but thank you for playing this game it means a lot.

I do agree on a lot of errors you pointed out. The limited resources were based around critical hits and enemy types. Saving ammo could be done in multiple ways

Basic doll = one head shot is a kill

Pig heads = are slow so the axe is made for fighting them using the block

Ceiling doll = is just one hit from melee

On first pickup of ammo and health all past locations in the game (sides rooms and so on) now have resources and extra ammo

The game was made with the idea of taking on encounters when they showed up.

Either way thank you for your feedback and I'll use this info for the future and thank you for playing once again.

I'll give it a watch! Thank you for your feed back and thanks for playing!

Left a reply on your video before but yeah it was fun to watch! thank you for playing. :D

If I'm being honest idk how or what the itchio app is sorry. Thanks for playing tho.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! And thanks for playing.

I actually just updated the game! The save system was bugged in the first version but thankfully I was able to fix it! Hopefully you play crooked silence V2 And get to experience the rest of the game :D

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :) !

Hopefully you give it another shot!

Thanks for playing my game it means a lot :D !

The save system now works how it should just to update you on it!

Hey my new game has just come out. You should check it out it's much better:

Hey my new game has just come out you should check it out:

Thanks for the feed back and thanks for playing :)

Yea the save thing is odd... I tried testing and changing how it works. It was working  when I uploaded but it may be something wrong in that certain area.

I'll look into it but with how it's setup it's supposed to help on performance  (map is split into sections that load at certain times)

once again thank you for playing!

Also there was a gun in the locked bathroom which also was connected to the vent of  the other bathroom. which is probably bad level design since you drop into a new area but i wasnt thinking at the time.