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Howdy, nicolasstag!

Sorry for this obscenely tardy response. I should’ve gone with an earlier impulse and made this offer while it was possible: you had a game (or two? or several?) on this itchio website, too. I was gonna buy a download of your software projects as a way of annealing trust. Please let me know if you make those public again.



Sorry for the late reply to your late reply. I never installed Itch on my new PC. Anyway -- that's a fine offer, but I never had anything up for sale on the Itch store; maybe you're thinking of someone else?

Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate that you were willing to do that. At this point I don't really care about getting my money back, it's been a while and it's not that big of a deal.

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ok but I give a shit tho. Thanks for pinging back.

Itch still has a “creator page” listing for you. You really never uploaded any projects here? Sorry, if not.

Anyway, it’s a fair gripe w the lack of updates etc so what the hell, I sent it. Thanks for the interest-free loan and thanks for looking at the typing game. Have fun w on your new machine!