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Yep! Thanks, Faldrath, for pointing this out.

• If you downloaded and unzipped this game without the (great) Itch App, winsetup.exe can be found in the same folder as typedreams.exe
• If you installed this game with the (great) Itch App, you can find winsetup.exe by right-clicking Type Dreams and selecting "open folder in explorer".


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It should be, yes! Some players have experienced glitchy behavior betwixt versions, but I believe all but one or two cases have resolved well (with all savedata, including stats and unlocked stuff, etc, intact).

If you encounter any trouble, please share its details here on the message board and we'll get it straightened out. Thank you for playing!


Thanks for this post and I'm sorry it crashed on you like this. Did it show an error message on the first of these two crashes?

I did restitch some options and profile stuff for this build, but I didn't experience (and can't recreate) this crash.

BUT I think your profile(s) can be saved by deleting their "_settings.dat" files from the "%USERDATA%\Saved Games\Type Dreams" directory.
Then, when you highlight the profile(s) in the game's opening screen, that file is rebuilt with default values and you can then set however you'd like.

If this somehow doesn't solve the issue, please let me know!

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April 23, 2020 -- "v0.9mq"
Howdy once again, typist, whoever you are. Most of the time I've dedicated to Type Dreams this spring has focused on its library  of distinct texts and improving the individual books therein, as well as smoothing the "carousel shelf" interface, and (since the pile of books is growing nicely) adding a search function.

//==// Library Search \\==\\
• Added search functions to the library. Quickly pull up any unlocked book by typing a chunk of its title or genre while anywhere in the library. (Searching by author or keyword will be functional in the next build).

//==// New & Improved Books \\==\\
•  Added Lucky Spin feat. Lucas Steele
• Reimplemented Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce: get a few random definitions every time you crack the cover.
•  Improved Wildfire Poems by James Murf feat.  paintings by Maddox and music by Robert Alex Fralin.
Wildfire Paintings by Maddox Pratt

Wildfire Paintings by Maddox Pratt

//==// Fixes and Interface Tweaks \\==\\
• Fixed the crash which occurred while reverse-cycling thru library shelves.
• Fixed the occasionally-invisible-book dilemma and the <new> tags' strange behavior.
• Fixed inconsistencies among audio settings.
• Fixed fractured randominity among competition texts. Now, any unlocked book is a candidate when rolling for a random.

Plus other, minor stuff, hopefully all of it being the kind which makes the game smoother, faster, more enjoyable or intuitive without being apparent. Hopefully.

This build was made possible  thru the insights and support of Lucas Steele, Robert Miller, Laurie Pope, and everyone who has bug-reported, donated, or tipped either here on itch (thanks itch!) or on Patreon.

I struggle to articulate exactly how nourishing and enlivening it feels when I see that people are downloading and playing this project either for the first time or having come back to it. Maybe it goes without saying, but in case it doesn't: I'd love to hear your thoughts on this project and on typing in general. I'm focused on this project with the belief that communication thru text is a profound phenomenon which transcends temporal and spacial divides; I'd like to return, this summer, to the ways in which this game showcases the lives of luminary individuals throughout typing's history*, but for now I'm far more attuned to the hope of a synchrony made possible between two individuals (across space & time) when they've typed, or are typing, identical sequences of letters.

Thanks for playing Type Dreams.

- Richard

* = For example, it'd be fun to point out that typing hero Sean Wrona finally broke Michael Shestov's record of 801 consecutive numbers in 5 minutes [with no mistakes]). He didn't even use the num pad! Also, Mr. Wrona is writing (not merely typing) a book on the history of typing speed.

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Too kind. Thanks so much!

<spoilers> BTW: have you talked to Marcus (the guy in the Florin's Gate coffee shop) about "comics"? Or the dude pacing upstairs in the downtown hotel? Ever buy coffee grade A? Or get the scrap plate at Dompactor Raxby? Also, the cashier at the flying pizzaria gets concerned when people overindulge in saturated fats and sodium.</spoilers>

Thanks! More soon.

Don't worry, it's quool, the engine on which type dreams is built was made to run 80's-era "adventure games" that didn't require electricity and people played by candlelight. Nah, seriously, there should be a help file / FAQ included w the game. Sorry for leaving this unclear!

ANYWAY: in the same folder as typewriters.exe, there's a configuration utility called winsetup.exe.

Some users have display issues w either fullscreen or windowed modes. The default resolution is 640x400, but changing the "Graphics filter" setting can scale it either up or down. If it doesn't display at all, try switching "Graphics driver".

I hope this helps out! And thank you for playing Type Dreams.

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Thanks for this! I got it stitched for the next update current version. Cheers!

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Thanks for this note, and sorry about the freeze. I believe this is sewn up, now. Thanks again!

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Thanks for this note, Stephen. And thanks for giving this a shot. After reading your Steam bio, I suspect you might have a few suggestions for other music-focused ones from your lexicon of unusual games; would you care to recommend some favorites?

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What an eye! Uncanny, isn't it?

Thank you so much for connecting me to this painting and to Milan Nenezic (!!!). I've tried and failed to locate information on this image for years.

I encountered it in 2015. It was in the form of a faded cutout from a magazine which was taped up in the kitchen freezer at King County Jail. It was very small - maybe 2"x1" and I struggled even to discern whether it was a photo or an illustration, but it captivated me as I'm sure it has many others. Now that I see a higher-resolution image, it's rapturous, sublime, dizzying - your link of course includes Nenezic's own description: "Personality free from psycho mechanisms of society and turning into free being that is alive and whole in moments that transcend time becoming eternal." All of his renderings astonish me and it's really a thrill to comb through them now, after years of obsessing over only one.

I admit that first encounter mainly paralyzed me for its portentous resemblance to someone I once knew, so I stole a few minutes each morning between kitchen chores to paraphrase / transcribe what I could, then shuffled those sketches back to my cell for revisions which eventually became these cards.

(I half-suspected it, so I'm half-surprised to learn that Mr. Nenezic wasn't depicting the same creature as I'd hoped to: his subject ("Milica Sujica") has blue irises.)
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Thanks for your help with this. I'm pretty sure this is all fixable!

First, tell me if I understand this correctly: your old profile data is either backed up or mostly intact?

Try restoring everything but _cache.dat to the "%USERDATA%\Saved Games\Type Dreams" directory. Or, if your files are still there, deleting only that one. Like Hank suggests, in this demonstrative image:

By restoring all of those .dat files, except for _cache.dat, a seemingly-corrupt profile from an old build is repaired when Type Dreams loads it. It'll show this message:

After that, it'll say it's loading for the first time (although it obviously isn't). You'll get the character-creation screen and pick a typewriter. Then you're back in business leisure!

//::// The Crash \\::\\
I can reproduce the crash you mention by removing all of a profile's .dat files from the save directory:

This is what I'm würking on, today: stitching this glitch and then giving players the option of deleting profiles.

I hope this is helpful!

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Wow. This is amazing. 

I believe that this issue can also be remedied by deleting only the (name)_cache.dat file from the "%USERDATA%\Saved Games\Type Dreams" folder, too.

I'm so sorry your savedata was lost this way; did you keep a backup of the other .dat files from the previous build? Restoring all but the "_cache.dat" file might do it. Sometimes these issues are caused by "ROAD MODE" (which I'm taking out for now).

It's a major priority for me to keep this game's updates backwards-compatible because players' stats are so crucial. I love to see those upward-curving slopes on the stats screen!

Others have asked for a way to delete profiles, too. I'll include that in the next build.

Thanks so much for sharing these findings, Minnie! I'll be following your screenshots and combing thru the script to stitch this up.

As of v0.9m (Feb 29th, 2020), players can choose one of three carriage slide options under "options":

or Q-P.

I hope one of these three is more suitable, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Should be fixed, now!

As of v0.9m (Feb 29th, 2020), players can choose one of three carriage slide options under "options":
or Q-P.

I hope one of these three is more suitable, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Type Dreams v0.9m

Player Character & Competition Map

It ain't been pretty, but this thing's going up presently. The main difference between this and previous builds is the addition of a player character. Otherwise, it's been bug-slaying and interface tweaks. If your sign-in screen matches this image, you're up-to-date as of this writing.


• Added a "city map" to the competition screen, so players can choose the level of skill at which they'd like to compete. Would you like a gentle affair, wherein humble hunt-and-peckists are welcome to compare abilities, or would you like your ass kicked by the fastest typists ever? If you can win in Toronto, I want to see a screenshot!

• Integrated the Player-Character stuff which wasn't ready on release day. There are 21 appearances from which to choose. If there ain't one here that suits you, please send me a note, would you?

Core math revision: after encountering some rounding errors, I've upped the timescale resolution to characters-per-milisecond (from characters-per-centisecond) for more accurate calculation of both players' and npcs' words-per-minute.
13 New books! They'll come up in competition or unlock as you explore the game.
• 4 new typing locations: 
        The improved player library,
        Salt Lake City's 3rd District Courtroom,
        The University of Toronto (1888),

        the Metropolitain Society Meeting Hall in Ithaca, NY (1888).
Added a wax-cylinder victrola thing to the options menu, so players can flip thru the soundtrack.
6 New Songs for the soundtrack. 4 have lyrics and are included as typing exercises. (This is most of the diff in filesize.)
Shift+Space (or Shift+Tab) will navigate most menus in reverse.
• Players now have the choice of which row functions as their "carriage return": F1-F12, 1-0, or Q-P.
• Improved Epilepsy-Safe mode. The uhh "Colorblind" mode still sucks, sorry. 
• Added a smoke effect for typewriters which have ceased burning.
• Finished the side-panel art for all the library's genres.

• Fixed a bug which occasionally duplicated available books.
• Improved dynamic-text-resizing.
• Better snow and melting effects.
• Added little "NEW" badges for each book the player hasn't yet typed (thanks for suggesting this idea, Lucas!).
• Fixed a rotten slew of typos and glitches in the Socrates monologues (and elsewhere).
• Updated all the appropriate  "2019"s to "2020". Fuck.

• Fixed  buggy unlock graphic for "News"

• Books won't unlock after typing them in races, now; only their scripted unlock events will do that.

• Fixed ambient sound and music issues in the options menu.

• Fixed a state in the competition map which prevented escaping to the main menu.

• Fixed the recurring "stats unlocked!" notification.

• Fixed some glitched "[Thing] Unlocked" notifications.

Okay. Plus lots of little things which don't merit transcribing. I've got a spot to würk on this, so I plan to update this again soon. 
Thanks, everybody!

Thanks for posting this - just gotta upload the fix.

Got it, thanks for posting this.

I put in a check for "special" characters during profile stuff, which will prevent this, but I'd of course much rather support glyphs across multiple languages. I'd like to include excercises from different languages, but I'm unsure how US players will know how to input them. 🤔

Agh. Typos, too haha. Sewn up in the next build!

I think about this a lot, but don't know why I failed to propose it, earlier: let's barter.

Howdy! Thanks for this great note. I'm region 6, too - Hotshotting is the real deal, though. (I'm finishing my EMT in January with hopes  of getting on🤞🏻). Wonder if we ever crossed paths on the line? Either way, much respect to your gentleman and family from this humble mopshot.

I did some experimenting w spray-on fire retardant on these cards and saw promise there. I'll see what you think. Not for everybody, haha.

Thanks so much, and good luck at the table in the meantime.

This all soundss great, thanks! Silver tuba, eh? And I gotta ask: what's your connection to Sloan Peak?


Howdy from Montana! Sorry for the tardy reply, apologies. Thanks so much for taking a peek!

For international orders, I'm asking for +$15 for shipping costs. Also please let me know what you'd like depicted on your jokers, as each deck gets custom ones.


Gotcha, thanks for including a screenshot! "Road Mode" is full of bugs, aghgh

If you feel like waiting for the next update, it's possible your save data will run then. No certain date on that, tho, I'm afraid. If you'd rather start over from a new profile, I suggest clearing uour savedata from the Typewriters folder in your windows user directory. So sorry for the trouble, aghgh. Thanks so much for playing!


no cpu / can't update this project

some day, maybe, but it's not foreseeable

thanks for playing this typing game

best of luck out there

damnit, aghg.


Firstly: thank you.

Secondly! I'm sending out these decks in the order I got their orders, but yes I confess I've been unfairly slow in doing so.

Here's Why. I recently became homeless and, thusly, needed to forfeit some tools etc. That said, I'm dedicating my time to making the best cards I can, and then of course seeing that they're safely shipped out to you.

I'm sorry for taking so long! But, hell, sorry's just a word. Best I can do to demonstrate my sincerity is to get these fuckers mailed quickly. I'll follow up with you by email regarding shipping details and, since each deck has unique jokers, what you'd like depicted.

Thanks a million! -Richard

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Well, I hit the dirt for a minute there. But I've had a few good days on the tools. Got alternate inputs for carraige-return slides functioning, added player avatars, added a menu for choosing your typing machine, edited the music credits, tweaked some unlocks, tidied up the competitions, refactored some timescale alteration effects, put in some new books, improved epilepsy-safe mode, and fixed an embarrassing glut of typos (in this game about typing accuracy lol). BUT I'm not finished animating the avatars.

I'll update this thread as soon as this update is ready for you. Thanks for checking on this project

Howdy! Thanks so much for keeping up on this game.

I've been between places these last couple weeks, but now that I've got my tools into a new spot, I'll be able to push updates regularly (starting with this one: v0.999). I'll get these player-character avatars animating and push the update tonight. Thanks for playing Type Dreams

Got it. Thanks for posting. I'm pushing itch's 1gb limit, which lead me to compressing the game in a way which (oops) doesn't function thru the itch launcher.

Good news: all the necessary files are in the zip and it should run on your external.

I'll try a different zip method in the next upload. Thanks again; keep me posted?

Hey, howdy. Thanks for stopping by to read this. The next update for Type Dreams is just about ready. 

Primarily, I've focused on bug fixes and implementing alternatives for the F1-F12 slide during carriage returns. Also: player character avatars w animations, new books/music, and generally tidying some interface ambiguities. 

Oh, and since the spacebar cycles thru options, Shift+Space cycles in reverse, now.

Uploading it on Saturday. Price is halved til Monday, too.

Thank you so much for playing. Have a beautiful day, Type Dreamers!

Cool. Thank you!

Thanks for the note! It's been a surprise but there's a solution for this (it's on my end, now, apologies!):

Thanks for sticking with it, I appreciate that. Will be smoothed tomorrow.

Howdy, W.

I hope you've found a route past this volleying refund problem. I caved and setup a p4yp4l c4sh acct, which eliminated these refund hiccups (how strange).

Experiencing this, too. I'm also seeking an answer thru paypal but have none right now. Let's keep one another updated, shall we?

This headache is probably related to these recent policy changes:


1. Yes

2. For now, that's a matter of exploring the game. Most are opened through speed/accuracy landmarks, streak count, competitors, number of rounds played, winning races, completing new exercises, etc. Others are more concealed.

3. Huh. Please let me know if it disconnects there again. I'll comb that chunk of scripting with this stuckstate in mind. Thanks for pointing it out, here!

Gotcha x2. Both very clever solutions which I'll integrate today before this month's update. Thank you for your help in smoothing that menu!

thanks! (What I meant to say was forty bucks in cart life's first year.)

I'm putting in shift+space to nav backwards. Any other ideas on the interface? Thanks again for the note and for type dreamin'.