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One time i was the imposter in among us (2 imposters bdw). Its like what in some youtube videos. I was in electrical with my imposter teammate and 2 crewmates. My imposter teammate closed the electrical door and killed the first crewmate. Then the second crewmate reported the body and I killed the second crewmate. Then its shows the "dead body reported" screen. And everyone are confused. But they think  the second crewmate reported the body then left. And everyone skipped. After the meeting was over the second crewmate's body was reported.

i like putting stories on my scratch account. nice to know we have stories on too.

btw that can happen, they can kill you right before a meeting and yeah, the dead body attends the meeting

i do have a scratch account but its password was changed and idk the password

I managed to find my old account where I forgot my password too lol, can't say I'm popular or anything, but I've improved a lot.

i do had a minecraft skin on tynker but its only on windows 10/pocket edition. Sorry java users