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oh yeah and I saw their comment but do it anyways lol



damn, tell them I send my respect


that's a bit s u s s y

don't worry, you can either search some up or use Google Translate 

and for your sake I will not be stating another language so that you aren't left behind


yo does it not end at the TNT stage (like, it doesn't end once all the villagers died)? i kept going but none of the villagers were there, and then I forgot my time


if they don't fix this in atleast a little bit after the end of the year, I am going to go to all of the team's houses and I'm gon-

nǐ hǎo




dude I was just scrolling, saw this, had to go back a page to make sure I wasn't seeing things, definitely wasn't

it's gone on for too long, this is where I left off bois

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how come I play better at this than the original tds

like, literally, I haven't lost a single life, I have over 1,000 dollasus and i'm on wave 37 lol

oh yeah i wrote this comment like 3 minutes ago, I am now on wave 42, still haven't lost a single life and have 2,307 dollasus

this is my first damn time playing this game, how am I already becoming one with the sussus amogus

oh, k thanks

you can ignore me now lol


i know you're probably gonna ignore this, but can you actually block people on not tryna do anything, just curious.


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it's been so long

since i've played among us

lost to these updates

the sus behind the impostor

when you've been gone

never joined the server

i was the only one

the sus behind the impostor

ay it's me, TheEarthIsGreat on scratch, I just found out you left it, but just wanna say that it's me because I still wanna check out your stuff. on and off of Scratch, lol

this was so good, I shed a tear

i deleted it

my brother and mum were arguing and I recorded it and turned it into a fnf song

they never see our messages, which is why they don't see my reasons on how to fix the game, but they never will see them

anyways heres a rant because there aren't enough of these here:

-quick chat is weird because i think anybody with an account can still say stuff they want to (hence not protecting kids anyways)

-the anti-cheat thing is broken

-they keep updating the graphics and stuff, but not the game mechanics

-in quick chat, you can't talk about somebody by their colour (one time I got voted out because of this)

-it's just kinda bad in general

what's good is that games like Disc Us are very similar, but they still have differences that make them special, and can bring the same happiness Among Us gave us

amogus dead = me play this game now

bruh you suddenly change because you won, not everything goes your way, damn

no simp september, KILL HER

ayyy a fellow scratcher

shoutout to my dude mike (fake name he gave us) for randomly showing me he's a disc lol?

 I've stopped playing among us, but I miss the happiness it brought me, so I can't wait to play this again lol

can't believe i forgot about this, what am i, stupid?


no joke, this was the mod that made me find out what fnf was

was scrolling through youtube, clicked on this, said "bro i keep seeing fnf everywhere, what is it" and that's how my addiction started

amogus sussy impostor OMG!!!!!!!!!11!11111! WE FOUND THE SUSSY IMPOSTOR!!!1!!11!11! 3AM CHALLENGE!11!

lol, they be adding all this stuff but I still can't find a reason to start playing again HAHAHAHAHAH innersloth please, why must you make me suffer, please

yeah, probably, but I also do have a laggy pc, so I guess that didn't help as much either

aight just found out it's not what i did that broke the game, the charting just isn't working for me

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okay I just realised I also still have the mouse for charting, which definitely is not supposed to happen was I not supposed to chart things in mods

i broke the entire game, none of the songs are working, imma refresh my page