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My new scratch account: "danial1231_again"

My new scratch account password: **********

did you not see it was released on march 31 2021!??

your right that's how to get debug mode

U can get the golden box too

Make the demo version (day 1-2 only)

Bruh. Its out now

im playing it on android

How to get debug mode (stans for charting mode) on mobile (older version)

1. Play a freeplay or story mode level

2. Pause the game

3. Press down until you get to charting mode

4. Press the "A" button then your good to go

(Also I mean debug mode is actually stans for charting mode so it was an untold feature by ningamuffin99)

thanks ;)

Tip: fix this mismatched product user glitch. It sucks. You lied that the account system was fixed you dirty lier

bug: unable to create account due to an eror. i will quit among us if innersloth did not fix this >:(>:(>:(>:(>:(

bruh. its out now dude

good news: the airship map is released today XD (dont scam us innersloth >:( )

Innersloth. After you released free chat for 18+ and quick chat only for 1-17 you lose lots of among us players. Its your idea's fault. Its hard to chat with only quick chat for lots of players

Step 1: go to a story mode or freeplay mode level. Step 2: press the 7 key on your keyboard. And that's all. Idk how to leave debug mode D:

And ban all of sire sirol's hacker friends

use it to get the golden cube


Red is the only very sus colour in among us

i do had a minecraft skin on tynker but its only on windows 10/pocket edition. Sorry java users 

I dont have discord. Sorry

But the map is WIP (working in progress) well innersloth should add the airship map only on free play (on all devices) is my idea good or bad <3

Pls no. Make it 8+ (I'm also 10 years old)

But that thing was already gonna be add that soon bruh (even when you did not post this comment)

i do have a scratch account but its password was changed and idk the password

yeah but its out on march 2021 :(

NEWS: its december 2020 now. The new update of among us was almost out now!!! 😃😃

but its just "the skeld" map. 



Bad game. Cuz jump hingte low

Level 3 is hard

u did not get imposter 50 times. That is bad news


Bruh D: bad news

This is what the sneek peek image looks like

Will it be a full sever?

Btw among us on mobile is free.