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Hi there !

The game is really nice. I love the aesthetic and the mix 2D landscape/ 3D actors ! The musics and VFX are awesome, everything makes the game satisfyingly polished.

The gameplay is quick to understand and really innovative (i like the hat a lot !) and the ability to plant seeds is interesting.

However, i forgot A LOT to plant them, and this was a bit frustrating. (maybe a reminder could be the solution ?)

Speaking of frustration, from my humble point of view  some jumps and timings are really tight and not permissive at all. Sometimes it's hard because the hat throwing is kinda clunky. (played on keyboard so it might be the reason)

Anyway, the game is GREAT and I had a good time.

Keep up the good works, and i hope that your game will be on sale sometime, because it really deserves it !

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Hi Silenteius! We appreciate your words and the constructive feedback! We are aware of some limits of this demo: if we will continue development we will of course refine the checkpoint system and the difficulty curve, we also planned on adding a cling system, so if you come close enough to the edge after a jump the girl will automatically cling and she will pull herself up, increasing the margin of error allowed. 

We share the same hope in seeing Out Of The Hat on sale sooner or later! Only time will tell 😎