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Hi there !

Great work on Longhaus, everything is great !

The music is wonderful and goes really well with the game graphics and vibes.

The UI and it's animations are a pure delight to navigate trough.

The gameplay itself is really chill and enjoyable, but perhaps a bit too passive and easy ? I found out to have a lot of waiting time.

Maybe another parallel activity to keep the player active and make the gameplay not too repetitive ?

Also, maybe a "move forward" feature would be nice to shorten the waiting times.

The design of your game is really cool, i like how you took time to animate the workers and fighters.

Good job overall, keep going as it only needs more content, everything else is perfect !

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Hey there.

I like the UI and the Audio, and the game seems cool.

Unfortunately i could not control direction of the ship. Either with Xbox controller or keyboard, i was only able to boost or brake,  except in walk mode.  Did i miss something ?

Otherwise, the game feels interesting, I'l look forward to be able to play it !

ps : Playing as Macron is a nice feature

Hi GameDevOver,

Thank you so much for taking the time to try out my game and leave a review, that's kind !

I will definitely take them into account, especially the idea of controlling the Ball with mouse clicks which is a really good idea.

I agree with the idea of 8-bit music like. That's what i was looking for at first but i ended with the current music.

Thanks again for the feedback and motivation boost, greatly appreciated !

Good luck on your own game, and I hope more people will try it because it deserves it.

Hi, the game is really cool ! The ability to use your hands to interact with the environment is really cool but still needs polish.

Congrats on the UI and tutorial, it's original and really well made.

Hi there !

The game is really nice. I love the aesthetic and the mix 2D landscape/ 3D actors ! The musics and VFX are awesome, everything makes the game satisfyingly polished.

The gameplay is quick to understand and really innovative (i like the hat a lot !) and the ability to plant seeds is interesting.

However, i forgot A LOT to plant them, and this was a bit frustrating. (maybe a reminder could be the solution ?)

Speaking of frustration, from my humble point of view  some jumps and timings are really tight and not permissive at all. Sometimes it's hard because the hat throwing is kinda clunky. (played on keyboard so it might be the reason)

Anyway, the game is GREAT and I had a good time.

Keep up the good works, and i hope that your game will be on sale sometime, because it really deserves it !

The game is really cool ! But damn, I suck.
I really like the drift feeling. Well made.

Wow the game is amazing ! I especially love the minimalistic art and the clever level design. Good job

Really nice game ! I love the ambiance and the peaceful music