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Hey! Thank you so much! I really loved your live :)

Hey Tesseption! Thank you for giving it a second chance and sharing with us :)

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Wow Duffy 😂 we are flattered by your words! Means a lot! Thank you ❤

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Thank you for the video Tesseption! you are having trouble with the jump because I mistakenly uploaded a build with some beta features (in this case the cling system) but we uploaded a new build that should fix the problem

Thank you Sfunk92! Loved the video! spotted some bugs here and there lol

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Hi Silenteius! We appreciate your words and the constructive feedback! We are aware of some limits of this demo: if we will continue development we will of course refine the checkpoint system and the difficulty curve, we also planned on adding a cling system, so if you come close enough to the edge after a jump the girl will automatically cling and she will pull herself up, increasing the margin of error allowed. 

We share the same hope in seeing Out Of The Hat on sale sooner or later! Only time will tell 😎

Glad you liked it! Thank you very much for your feedback! We'll work on that

Muito obrigado!  Glad you liked it! The difficulty curve is a bit steep being a short demo!

Thank you for the video David! yes you got it right! if you pay attention, when you are close to the shadow memories the game shift the mood: sad memory means harder challenges while happy memories will make your life a little bit easier

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Thank you for the video RafGamer! Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you liked it! and thank you for the video! We hope for the game to see the light of day. We will just have to wait and see

Great! Let us know what you think after you played it!

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ahah we've seen way worse! That was fun though! Thank you for the video!

Glad you enjoyed it! And thank you so much for the video!

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Thank you very much! 🥰 there are indeed some Eyvind Earle inspirations

Thanks for the video! Yes, all the assets in the game are hand drawn except for the trees and the characters that are 3D with a custom shader.

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Hi Tarcisousa! Glad you liked it! This is just a demo built to showcase the potential of the game to look for funding, so you will not find anything else after the smashing hand. You could try and find the 3 collectibles though. They should give you a hint of what's going on and potentially what is going to happen.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi SameKaya! Tomorrow we will upload a new x86 build!

Hi everybody!

We're proud to announce that Out of the Hat is finally live on Kickstarter! Here's the link to the project's page

If you'd like to try out the demo check out the page of the game

Out of the Hat is a mind-bending puzzle platformer set in your worst childhood nightmares and inspired by the masters of the uncanny like Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, HP Lovecraft and many more.

Any feedback will be much appreciated :)