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Hi, just downloaded Tiled, mostly for the compatibility for unity, but the terrain feature as well, but the terrain feature  isn't working, possibly i did something wrong but it was partially working (it made 'ghost' tiles over the tiles on the layer and then the program crashed) and I followed your tutorial in the manual exactly, but now nothing shows up in the terrain window at all even tho in the tab under the file bar shows it's there and the edge selections were made. I also saved my work every time I completed an edge action on each of the 4 terrain types. I tried exiting the program and reloading it but getting nothing in the terrain window still. (I'm using windows 10 and 64 bit version of Tiles)

Hello Roadhammer Gaming! First of all thanks for buying Tiled! Unfortunately you're running into a regression in the latest release that I'll try to fix in a 1.0.2 release soon. Thanks to your detailed report it occurred to me that I forgot to list external tilesets that have not been added to the map yet in the Terrains view. As a workaround, you can place a tile from the tileset manually first or choose Map -> Add External Tileset from the menu to add your tileset to the map.

ahh ok cool thanks alot I will do that, great work with this program and I'll be looking out for the next update, happy gaming!