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Aww thank you so much!! :)  I really enjoy these episodes that you've made but unfortunately for you...that may not be the last episode.

You did find all the endings but except from a secret ending. If you are interested then look below:


If you were to select the option "Try to find Gunter" again. You need to have done the following things to unlock a secret option

  • Have to do the ending where you make an allegiance
  • Have to do at least one other ending
  • Have to select specifically the "Try to find Gunter"option  and not "Hide"<"Hide from weird creepy pig"<"Go out" option
  • Have to have said to mom "Because I'll be lonely" in the beginning

For some reason if a new option/new ending doesn't come up then just tell me! Have fun playing Gulam :D

Im probably gonna try to to do that but i still gotta think about making a video cause over on twitter i still have 3 requests for videos and on youtube i just received another one soooo it going to be tough, but i will 100% sure get that ending either on video or not

Loved your game and im going to keep an eye out for your next work..