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Sir dope

A member registered Jan 14, 2017

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yoo played your game and really enjoyed it a lot, the art style is quite good and i was for sure surprised with that ending

also did a Let´s play of it

here is the first part

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yo, soooooo i played your demo and even thought i was kinda hoping for nothing really the very short story in the game as it is right now actually surprised me not only for the art style as well for the SO MANY GODDAMN QUESTIONS I NOW HAVE clicked caps....sorry about that...... anyway loved the game and if i can ill try to help on the kick starter next month if still available......

also i may or may not have done a video....who am i trying to fool

hope you enjoy

Yo sorry for taking so long to upload the next final part of the gameplay but here it is

once again really loved the game puzzles and art

YO I just played your game and loved it...though the first part of the game play is mostly me wandering around saying curse words............maybe i should n´t  have written this...................well hope ya enjoy

Yo loved the game. Amazingly simple graphics that only cause the experience of the game play to be more intense, nicely perform jump scares and with me playing a little scaredy cat as a main character.

now not joking loved the game and made a two part gameplay of it and hope ya enjoy it.




OWO I am speechless with this game.

It starts in a weird way and makes it seem like we know whats going to happen but then it slaps ya with the horrible truth.....Truly amazing

Loved it and made a 2 part game play 

here is the first part: 

It was a hell of a trip playing this game.....IN A GOOD WAY OF COURSE

It was funny and unexpected, and i guess ill keep my eye open for new games in this account cause THIS WAS ASWOME

ALSO final part : 

and th second part of this game is here.

truly an amazing game

Yo i played your game and it was awesome, really loved how quickly the whole conversation escalated..

check the first part:

good you  enjoyed ot for the next part is going online today

Hey played your game and had lots of´s my gameplay and hope you don´t mind my weird sense of humor while playing the game

np as i said a really cool game.....and im sorry for the tarzan thing.....sometimes weird stuff happens man

Just followed to make sure to see your new games to come

Realy aswome game and i loved to play it...

Hey just decided but im going to do a full gameplay of your game on my channel hope you don´t mind 

By the way amazing game........probably should have started with that......well 

Here is the first episode 

will it take long for it to be on itch?

Glad to hear cause your game is 100% sure be a full gameplay on my channel, cause it was amazing to play the demo...

Thanks for the quick answer

can´t wait i realy loved the game

Im probably gonna try to to do that but i still gotta think about making a video cause over on twitter i still have 3 requests for videos and on youtube i just received another one soooo it going to be tough, but i will 100% sure get that ending either on video or not

Loved your game and im going to keep an eye out for your next work..

Well Its the final episode....hope you like it



Guess again

Yeah that is right a second episode

Spoiler allert i have already recorded all the episode and all that is left is editing

I got i think 4 endings...i THINK 

Hey played your game and loved it

Hope you don´t mind but i mad a 3 ep mini series of it

Here´s the first ep  

Well can´t wait either you have without doubt created something amazing wich i am very much looking forward to play

Thanks for the amazing demo

Sorry for taking soo long but i was kinda sick sooo i could not upload any vids for a week

Here´s last ep. 

Cnat wait to play the full game.

My god that was realy unexpected....

...really enjoying the game though

Hey guess what

Yeah you guessed right another cringy gameplay of your game, but this time nothing is different from the last so rest assured no one will be spared from this...

Wow now that was a weird thing to write...hope you enjoy part 2

Hey finaly out the first ep of my gameplay of your DEMO

Once again amazing game and one of the best VN i´ve played

Hey man im sure that you recognise me already....probably not since im not that well known.........well damn not gonna erase it though cause that is just TOO MUCH WORK.....OH LOOK NOW THE CAPS IS ON.....WELL WHATEVER


ps it was amazing to play this keep the hard work

Well in my lets play i got 2 different ending because it was really fun, but i only got like 3 ep in the series so i had to pick the ones thought it would be better in my opinion, but im still playing the game to get the other endings in the future.....when i have free time....god i really need to get a personal life

np it was very cool to play .

Ill keep an eye on your future creations that is for sure

Hey played your game and really loved it . Amazing story and chalenging game

Here´s my gameplay (1 of 3) :

Hey played your game and loved it, really original story and cool art

Here´s my gameplay (1of 3 EP) :

Hey man played your game and loved it

really original and the story is very good, also i really loved the art style

My gameplay :

Hey i downloaded your game and i gotta tell you its amazing

loved it and im currently soing a mini gameplay youtube series of videos.

First episode :

hey aswome game

Enjoyed a lot playing it and made a gamplay of it

Hey, played your game and loved it....also kinda did asmall series of gameplay about it

Really cool concept and funny as well

1º EP -


hEY THERE...sorry caps on

Well i played your game and gotta say it ain´t bad... loved to play it and mad a mini series of gameplay of it

here is the first ep :

second episeode coming out hot :