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Oh wow, thanks so much! That's so sweet to hear you watch is with your son, I'm so honoured haha. I'm glad you enjoy me talking about all these other games as well.

Yep for sure! That's a great topic actually, I think I'll make the next Dev Diary about how I got RPG Maker to look like the way it does.

I used Parallax Mapping and a plugin/script called "TDDP BindPicturesToMap" to combine transparent PNG files together of my drawings. I used this tutorial mostly as reference to get the scripting and technical side working, but this person Photoshops existing RPG Maker tilesets to get the look she wants.

I also wrote a very brief run-down on how I achieved the look through this blog-post, though it is missing a lot of details. There's a lot more to the process of importing drawings and getting them to scale properly, so will document it thoroughly in the next video.

Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you!!! :)