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I liked this game too! Half-agree with you, half-don't! I think the lack of a map is part of what makes the game fun. I think it would be too easy if you could see where you were on a map for instance. So I think too much of a change would ruin the game. But maybe some slight tweaks would not simplify things too much.

Thank you! I was originally thinking I just needed to be online--but yes, this makes sense. Thanks again.

Thank you!

I'm not sure why, none of the Videotome engines work for me. If I open index.html in Videotome or Videotome Adv, I get a mostly blank screen that says press Enter or Space but then it doesn't respond to my doing so. I've tried different browsers and I've tried clicking on the screen. With Super Videotome I get a black screen with two white boxes.

This is a great idea and it's fairly well-implemented. However, I think it needs some work before it's worth purchasing:

- I don't know why the font looks a little bit pixelated or blurry. And small. This cannot be adjusted in any way. This is really the biggest issue. It doesn't seem to be using the same font hinting as the rest of a modern operating system.

- 2nd-biggest issue is the formatting of the plain text export. It would be better if this were exported as Markdown, or something similar where the sections were clearly demarcated. That way the output could easily be converted to HTML, ePUB, Twee, or what-have-you by search and replace. This is important if you want to turn your gamebook into an ebook or physical book. Also, section titles are not retained in export.

- It would really nice if there were keyboard shortcuts for the various actions in the program, like adding links.

Those are the biggest issues. The following would also be significant improvements:

- It would be nice if, when adding a link, we could link to a section that does not exist yet.

- When shuffling sections, the first section should never be shuffled. It should always be the first section.

Hi there, I have a copy of the demo in Spanish. Is there a copy of the full release in Spanish?

will the game files be re-uploaded?

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Sokpop, what are ya'll's day jobs? Cuz your little games are always so neat. Do you work for "real" game companies for your bread and butter? ...or is Sokpop your bread and butter?!?? ... :)

I see! Yeah, I tried importing it into Twine (prior to your suggesting the same thing) and it took a looong time but was ultimately "successful"--by that I mean it finished importing. But it doesn't actually show anything when I click on the file in Twine. It's...completely blank. Oh well. I understand, based on what you're saying, that it will look very strange anyways if I ever saw it.

Any chance you could release a twee file or a more in-depth explanation of how your game works? When you say 'containers,' do you mean arrays? As someone just dipping their toes into writing choice-based fiction and who knows very little about programming (haven't had to learn about arrays yet), I'm very curious!

I was able to get PS4 controllers to work with this game by running DS4Windows, which is free. Make sure to download the new version by ryochan7 here, not the original version (the original version did not work for me on Windows 10 and hasn't been updated in a long time).

DS4Windows makes Windows think you have Xbox controllers connected, not PS4 controllers.


Is this really only for MacOS? Is the Windows file?

Thanks for your reply! I'm not actually using Tee-Wee, but VS Code. That said, I was able to ask in the Twine discord and found out that there's a command line option for Tweego (the command line twee file compiler) that is "-t" (for "test") and that worked!

Your comment, even though it's specific to Tee-Wee, got me on the hunt for being able to use something other than Twine itself to see the debugging Backstage sidebar when testing my Chapbook game, so thanks again...

Randomly came across your comment. I'm writing a story in the Chapbook format and would prefer to do so in a text editor but didn't know Backstage was an option in that case. Is it possible as you seem to say here? Can you please explain how? I'm able to compile and build from twee files using VS Code, but I would love to know how to add the Backstage feature. Currently I'm using Twine even though I prefer a text editor, because Twine has the Test button/Backstage.

Thanks for your reply. I'm not a coder but I'm putting this here because it does seem relevant to your idea. It's "[a] library to store and restore window sizes and positions for your Electron app": GitHub - mawie81/electron-window-state: A library to store and restore window sizes and positions for your Electron app

Hi, I'm not a programmer so I don't know if this is difficult or not (probably so), but it would be really sweet if Left could move lines up and down, and cut, copy, and delete lines, with keyboard Notepad2 or Notepad++ and such.

For example, on Notepad2 the foregoing is Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down, Ctrl-Shift-X, Ctrl-Shift-C, and Ctrl-Shift-D.

Left has a really interesting feature set. :)

Nice; thanks for the info!

The walking upgrades sound awesome, as well as the resolution upgrade. I'm sortof newish to itch--how do I tell if a new build is available? I assume this means a new build with these changes is available? I bought/installed Shivering Hearts a month or two back and have not completed it yet, so these updates will be nice to see! 

Thank you!!! :)

Sweet! I am queuing this up in my Watch Later playlist right now. I watched your first Devlog for the 2nd time last night, with my son. I really enjoyed your talking about other games in that Devlog--not least because of the analysis, and also because although I've heard lots of praise about many of them, I've never played them, and there was one I hadn't heard of too. Do you think you will make a Devlog or a blog post about how you accomplished what you did in RPGMaker? Or could you point to where how you learned how to do it? I *love* the look--the effect--of the hand-painted graphics and I would like to try my hand at the same thing honestly.

Left community · Created a new topic Remember window size

Neat software. One issue that really prevents me from considering using it on a day to day basis is that it doesn't remember the last window size. If you resize Left and close it, and then reopen it, it doesn't remember that you resized it. Could this be updated?