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We just played this game, spread across three streams and over eight hours, and we loved it!

We thought it was interesting, insightful, thoughtfully constructed, and in some cases downright heartstring pulling.

Everyone who attended the stream loved it as well and we were solidly on the edge of our seats for a couple of those endings.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this game. All of the characters were both interesting and, in their own moments, completely sympathetic. 

We had a lot of fun developing voices for the characters and interpreting each of their stories.

If you want to see what we did with your highly enjoyable and beautifully relatable game you are welcome to check it out.


Thank you so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching your videos of the stream and am so flattered by how much you enjoyed the game!

We are really glad you enjoyed our playthrough. : ) Thank you for taking the time to watch it, we appreciate you spending your time on us.

It really was a great experience to play this game and we hope people continue to find and enjoy your work.