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We have played your game for our YouTube channel. It was super cute. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the lighthearted feel to the narrative. 

We had some suggestions during the playthrough about grammar and tenses. It was also a little jarring when the game shifted from 3rd person perspective to 1st person perspective. These things didn't ruin our experience, we just wish they were noted before the game was posted, and hope they can be updated for any future releases!

Thank you so much for sharing your game, the main character is adorable and we love the duck! (so much deep window discourse, ha!)


There is one! It's been the thing we're most familiar with on our computer (rather than using firefox/chrome/etc to browse to the Itch homepage). 

It seems like the Itch client/browser doesn't recognize the game file we've extracted! When we started with Itch, we were under the impression that it was meant to be *like* Steam's client (for what extreme little we comprehend) - you download/purchase games and play them through the client/browser in order to send data?? On top of playing games?? Maybe?? We are sorely lacking, our apologies (it could be largely just a platform for creators to use). There may be a way to upload (maybe a particular file is required??)/a switch that would need to be flipped in order to make the game available through the client, but we are unaware of how to do this regardless of our interest in assisting.

As it stands, we have been able to at least extract the game and can choose to run either of the executable game files, so at least it works now! We appreciate your time. We hope to play/review the game soon!

Haha, well, we may not know much either, to be quite honest. Based on what we're seeing, you'll want to extract the entire monster_cafe-1.01-win folder (as neither of us is actually sure what pieces you need, we figure to be safe rather than sorry??). Once extracted, you can pick either application in the folder (both start with monster_cafe, Scandal thinks the monster_cafe-32 is the 32 bit version for Windows 10) and you should be able to play the game directly..? Sorry we cannot be more particular, we are new to much of this.

Windows 10.

Correct, it will not download at all through the Windows Itch App. However going to the actual Itch website through a browser will allow us to get the zip file for windows. As it stands, we are trying to get the Itch client to recognize the file and run it.

We have tried several things before responding to this! As of right now, it seems like the windows desktop app for Itch does not work to download it, however going to the actual website through a browser will allow us to get the zip file for windows. Maybe this will work for you, too?

We are trying to download this game to and it seems like the download refuses to populate when we hit either the install button or the specific version that will work with our computer. We are not sure what to do, even going so far as to check and see if other games on the app will download (which they will). 8,(  It seems like a problem specific to this game. If there is something that you could do, that would be great! We are very excited about your coffee shop game. 8D 

Thank you! : ) 

We will keep an eye on your twitter and watch for the release!

Looking forward to playing it for the first time.


We are commenting to inquire after the large game revamp/update that has peen pending for this game. We are planning a Let's Play on our YouTube channel and we were hoping to use the updated version of the story when we start. It seems as though the date for the update release has changed several times but since we don't know which of your platforms to follow for announcements on changes we feel a little lost.

It's December 2020 and the last time we read about the update it said it would be this month but now the only info we can find says early 2021. We are wondering if we missed something in your announcements or if we are just slowly losing our minds. Lol. Would you mind elaborating on the update and timeline?


Lies and Scandal

We are really glad you enjoyed our playthrough. : ) Thank you for taking the time to watch it, we appreciate you spending your time on us.

It really was a great experience to play this game and we hope people continue to find and enjoy your work. 


We just finished playing your game, which we streamed on Twitch, and we really loved it. : )

We found the story engaging and thoughtful. We loved the characters and the warmth of all the interactions. The creature design and world building were very enjoyable and added a lot to the story. 

It was really refreshing to have a game where all the love interests aren't total strangers at the beginning of the story and we felt that the clear presence of friendship before romance added so much to the 'dating' experience. 

Our favorite thing, out of many well liked things, had to be the warm and comfortable feel of the game and it's environment. We were continually impressed at how everything in the game continued to feel both familiar and inviting regardless of the content or focus. It was a lovely subversion of expectations and added so much to the overall experience.

If you would like to see what we did please feel to check it out on our YouTube channel. : ) The last segment isn't up as of this posting, but will be on Nov, 28, 2020.


We just played this game, spread across three streams and over eight hours, and we loved it!

We thought it was interesting, insightful, thoughtfully constructed, and in some cases downright heartstring pulling.

Everyone who attended the stream loved it as well and we were solidly on the edge of our seats for a couple of those endings.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this game. All of the characters were both interesting and, in their own moments, completely sympathetic. 

We had a lot of fun developing voices for the characters and interpreting each of their stories.

If you want to see what we did with your highly enjoyable and beautifully relatable game you are welcome to check it out.