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This was really nice! Magical girls aren't always my thing but this vn's take on the concept was really thoughtful and refreshing and I really enjoyed how it was used as a framing device for & reflection of Lana and Jory's relationship.  The vibe of the art, writing, and music also just all meshed together really well.

This game certainly was a wild ride but a very captivating one!! Really great atmosphere, art, and writing!

This was so so cute and appealed in so many fun niche ways! You are a hero for creating this piece of mad scientist lady fiction.

thank u

Linux build has been added, thanks for the feedback!

This was short and cute! I liked the character designs and sprites a lot, especially the use of color in them.

wow, thank you so much for making this video!! you actually got super close to another less edgy ending so if you ever get the urge to try for the other 2, a merman boyfriend who doesn't eat people is not too far off!