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OK, I understand that you can not test it ... just a pity. My AMD system is quite new and fast - but under Linux it is really no problem ... have a lot of games ... and also 32 bit one.

I understand - it's the game engine version forcing 32 bit ... but as said this is not the problem in 1st instance. But maybe with a new game engine it may be easier to get it run on modern systems ...

Segmentation Fault can happen if trying to use libraries no longer compatible to linked libraries provided by the distribution. But as I tested also Bionic (the oldest one supported - Xenial is only in rare cases supported on the desktop - and to old to run on my new system) I can not understand it ...

Would have liked to see your game ... but thanks for your reply!

Switching to a completely new engine is not really possible unless I want to add like at least a year (maybe more) of extra development time.

I don't know why it runs into a segmentation fault, the executable file I get when "compiling" for Linux is from like 2016 since it's actually just a VM that interprets the code.

I haven't gotten the actual compiler to work for Linux yet and likely won't get it to work either since it's so old at this point.

So what I'm saying with all of this is that the engine I'm using will always produce a very old executable for Linux, which is likely why things don't always work.

The reason for this is that I'm using an old version of the engine: Game Maker Studio v1.4 (GMS).

And I can't promise anything but I may or may not have access to GMS 2 in the future which is a lot more updated and very likely fixes a lot of issues like this.

And you could always try the Windows version using Wine or something similar, I've heard that works for some people, other than that, I don't think there's much I can do right now.

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New info: "Linux version works!" in new comment above (on 13. Feb. 2021) - as these comments used demo 0.30 {= 63} - and now 0.32 {= 67} is available.