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Ha, thanks! It was almost going to be a text adventure like Granny's Garden on the BBC Micro (if you are old enough to remember that!) but point and click seemed faster and with less frustrations for the player.

Naw, I wasn't alive (or british!) enough to remember the BBC micro, but it looks like an incredibly interesting piece of tech. I remember playing with the incredibly old computer my grandfather had when my dad was younger and you'd have to type in all the game code before playing it. I hope you continue with the 2d point and clicks because you've got such a great and unique style with them - it's surprisingly hard to find good horror point and clicks that aren't just "and then you saw non euclidian geometry and pyramid head kills you!" hahaah

Honestly, it was a bit shit XD but it got me fascinated with art and games on computers. Oh wow, I wonder what that was! Must have been so cool to see the code you typed in turn into a game. Haha, horror can definitely see the same tropes being used time and again. If you haven't played it then I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is a classic horror point and click like nothing else! I'll come back to 2D again one day, but I have a set of joysticks coming soon so I'll probably make something for them and VR next.

Ahhh it's always better in our memories eh. I have no mouth and I must scream is a classic, but I was definitely too young to play it when I first did, I should go back and revisit it. If you get a chance check out Organ Quarter then - it's a vr horror game that I feel doesn't get talked about enough, and I absolutely love the style of it. You might find it really inspiring!