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I loved the demo but the beta 2 version is just... sort of RNG bullshit. I really hope that some serious balance changes are made soon because it feels more like a rules-lawyer-min-max simulator than a fun dice roguelike. 
edit - been trying to play this some more and still having difficulties getting through easy mode. The final boss is literally "rocks fall, everybody dies, f*** you" level of difficulty.

Yes! I managed to find the file and figure it out after unzipping a new copy somewhere else opened with the same configs haha.

Man this is the dumbest bug I am running into but I somehow made the resolution so high I can't see the menu and now can't change it back haha! When I figure this out I'm def spending my sweet sweet time on it

A new quicksand games release??? Whaaat?!

Message me your email I'll buy you a copy


Ahhh it's always better in our memories eh. I have no mouth and I must scream is a classic, but I was definitely too young to play it when I first did, I should go back and revisit it. If you get a chance check out Organ Quarter then - it's a vr horror game that I feel doesn't get talked about enough, and I absolutely love the style of it. You might find it really inspiring!

Naw, I wasn't alive (or british!) enough to remember the BBC micro, but it looks like an incredibly interesting piece of tech. I remember playing with the incredibly old computer my grandfather had when my dad was younger and you'd have to type in all the game code before playing it. I hope you continue with the 2d point and clicks because you've got such a great and unique style with them - it's surprisingly hard to find good horror point and clicks that aren't just "and then you saw non euclidian geometry and pyramid head kills you!" hahaah

I honestly thought this was an Adventure Game Studio game by how bang-on you captured the point and click style of games. Absolutely loved it!

Oh my GOD these are exactly what I was looking for! I've spent so long trying to find some half-decent dither brushes and they were right here all along. Thank you so much for uploading these, enjoy the donation

Didn't actually play this yet but watched the Alpha Beta Gamer video - thought it looked good enough to throw a couple of dollars at. Hope to see more from you in the future. 

I'm having the same issue as the other user. In the battle sequence it says I have x4 bottles, I use one, then it says I have x3 and won't allow me to use another. Same for the cans etc. Makes it a bit confusing since it shows I have some available but then refuses to use them. 

Really loved this, it's one of the better horror games I've played in years. Just a quick question though, is the person you're studying a man? I've noticed that he seems to have breasts and thought it added a pretty interesting layer to it (if they're trans/nb/intersex wanting to escape their physical body)

Nice! Can't wait to try this new version.

You have to let him die. Then the game will either glitch out and keep him as your main character while adding a new one to the party or it'll fix itself.

Really nice demo! I would love to follow this in development.

Only issue is that if the tutorial delivery boy survives by running away it glitches the game. You get stuck with him until your new character + him die, even if you try to fire him. It made for a pretty hilarious run that probably wasn't what you expected!

Don't bother with this game. It's another one where it tries to start off normal with nerdy jokey options but quickly blows it's cover into using language straight out of an abusive partner's playbook to rag on you about you secretly being a terrible, unlovable human being that's suicidal. Of course the way to get the "good" ending is to just take the abuse until you break the 4th wall and it completely renegs it's entire original rant by granting you a girlfriend anayway. 

Yawn. 1/5 stars if that.