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It has been a good while since I played one of the demos but there has been a lot of improvement. The upgrades are a lot more gradual and feel a little better. There is a definite bread crumbs feeling to the level design where you can sort of tell there will be more to do once you have the right tools.

The main menu does have a lot of options on it for them all to be so similar visually. It looked like you had dividers it still felt hard to tell if I was looping through the same options or if they were new ones. Maybe color coding or switching some to sub menus would help.

Your controller support seems to be much smoother since the last time I played a demo. I had zero issues this time and didn't have to fiddle with the controls any.

All in all a lot of improvement and it looks like you are making a lot of progress.


Hey, thanks for trying the new demo.

Yeah, I'm definitely going for the bread crumb feel and there will be more to do of course, especially since almost all locked doors in the demo is open in the full game for example.

I assume you mean ledges being too high, small passages and things like that though but just thought I'd mention the doors anyway.

I'm sure the main menu will be improved more over time, maybe by adding more categorization and color coding as you mentioned.

I changed it to have more options on the main menu just to reduce sub menu "crawling" though so more sub menus will probably not be added.

Good to hear the controller worked better, there are still a bunch of issues though which I've highlighted in my newer devlog.

I'm currently working on a small update to fix a bunch of issues including controller ones.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! :)