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Hi, your game really shines - we enjoyed it.

I did not find the entrance to the sewers at first - but when explaining to a friend I got the tip - one has to read ... maybe I was to fast.  ;)

But we found a few points to improve upon:

- The options should be saved for next game (e.g. FullHD resolution, fullscreen mode, controls {defaults for gamepad are OK}).

- The same is true for duel mode - would be nice to keep the selected player/color/(control) combination for further duels - so one can change or confirm the former choices. And directly after a duel maybe a button to repeat the duel with the previous settings.

- Maybe it is just lack of practice but the big crocodile boss enemy is really hard - and in duel mode one can not escape a fast repeating attack. But as we just tried the game it's not sure if this is a lack of balance concerning gameplay or just a lack of practice.

It is really on track to become a very nice game - keep up your good work!

Hey, glad ye dug it! In regards to your points:

- At the time of this writing saving for the settings has been implemented. It'll be a while till I release a new public demo, but once I do that will definitely be in!

- A lot is still to be done for Duel, so yes, all of that is definitely planned for a full release.And yes, that also includes some needed balancing.

- Lol, yeah, the Gater boss is due to some tweaks, though nothing too drastic. Mostly give him some more openings for the player to exploit.