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Hey Jammers, Sabiarts here, thank you very much for your feedbacks, here I'll list some things about some of the game concepts and issues:

- Too small text: Yes, indeed, its ridiculously small, and I discovered this problem 1h before the deadline, because WebGL deals with text differently from the windows exe. But next week I  intend to fix this!

- Lack of achievements, visual effects and values: I apologize on that, it was my fault managing time, because the project on the GDD has all of this, counters on the upgrades, a more complex physics on clicking, achievements and the horses actually would do something haha, I'm thinking about working on that later on.

- Excruciatingly slow: I made it slower than most clickers because I had little content, probably when I add more things, I'll speed the pace up.

Anyways, Thank you for rating and commenting strong feedbacks and playing this game :D