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Hello. I bought this game when Justices Package sale.

I also indie game developer and have question. 

I know that this game has 

And I Will make android commecial game.

Can I have use Assets in [ ]?

There are so many tile sets, bgmss and ect for RPG style game.

One more Confirm Question.

Can I Hav use Asset in [ ] at my new android commecial game by unity3d Game Engine ?

PS. my old game links for reference .

link 1 :

link 2 :

The source files are meant for those using RPG Maker so that they could learn to make similar games. Most of the assets you're referring to are under the rights of the people that made RPG Maker VX Ace, so if you want to use those assets, talk to them.

Thanks for your answer. I understand your answer.