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thanks. I used this asset in my Maze999 Game.

Google Play Store :


Thnaks. I am Indie Game Developer and have question about this great assets. Can I use this assts at [ Unity3D Game Engine ]? Is it only used for Vx or Mv?  If it is can at unity3d Engine, I will be very very happy.

Thanks for your answer. I understand your answer.

Hello. I bought this game when Justices Package sale.

I also indie game developer and have question. 

I know that this game has 

And I Will make android commecial game.

Can I have use Assets in [ ]?

There are so many tile sets, bgmss and ect for RPG style game.

One more Confirm Question.

Can I Hav use Asset in [ ] at my new android commecial game by unity3d Game Engine ?

PS. my old game links for reference .

link 1 :

link 2 :

Beautiful. me too !

me too. if number key and function key was added,  it will be more valuable.