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I like the new color variation in levels and that the enemies don’t detect you immediately now.

The new enemy is cool, it’s about time they learned to move!

The beeps at the beginning are awesome, they sound exactly like beep speaker on my computer (it beeps on power-on self-test, so that’s very fitting).

It’s awesome that you can configure controls now, because I wasn’t completely happy with the defaults. However, it seems to have a few bugs. I tried to remap rolling to LB and RB on an Xbox360 controller (B4 and B5 in-game) and it works, but you can still roll on LT and RT, even though I remapped RT to shooting (pressing it would roll the ship and shoot at the same time).

Also, at one point my ship would just keep rolling right by itself and there was no way to fix it but reset controls and restart the game. Not really sure why it happened but I was trying controls rebinding at the time.

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I haven't tested this with Xbox controlled but based on your description I assume the triggers show as both buttons and axes.

For each movement you can bind one digital and one analog input, so now that you have mapped the LB/RB as digital roll inputs, you should remove the RT/LT analog bindinds. But having said that, I realized there is no way to remove a binding, other that binding that input somewhere else.

While trying this myself I found another issue: When reassigning one analog axis direction it removes previous bindings to both directions :|

I'm happy to hear you liked some of the changes :D  I will address these binding issues in a maintenance update sometime soon..

BTW, that start-up sound IS the sound of an old hard drive starting with a bit of other stuff mixed into it.