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Neat little story and P8 is always a plus. ; ) Can relate to some things, disagreed in large with some of the thoughts, liked it though.

interesting. what in particular? 


Well, while I agree that it's more common for people in general to be able to come up with ideas than being able to implement them, in teams there is generally room for both.

Coming up with ideas is also a skill. You can have talent for it, sure, but there is a deep set of methodology which goes far beyond intuitite, naive ideation. People who implement things tend to also have limited time to come up with ideas, as a result a team of ideation, design, implementation and testing competences can have room for all sorts of people.

Furthermore, games that end up as ideas or designs can still have value. Maybe they are implemented in the future, in another format or just constitute excellent expansion of the ideators mind. But I agree that it is fun to manifest ideas for a variety of reasons as well. : )

Well, I was mostly speaking about solo development and not about teams.

But in solo dev there can by definition be nobody who can't dev right? Otherwise it's just a person, thinking. Which tbh is seems fine to me as well. : )


It's not fine for me.

I have no agenda against people who just have ideas. This is a introspective piece and it's about my goals. I wanna move away from only thinking about game ideas and starting making them.