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There is... no strategy to this, and very little gameplay. It's just an endless grind of finding things to hit safely until you can hit more things safely. I expected a lot more out of an "open world RPG".

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It does get more complex the further you get, sorry if you didn't like it.


I got to the part where I got spells, but the combat still isn't very engaging. It's just given me more ways to oneshot things.

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Just to clarify, direct combat isnt really the focus. It's more about exploration & character progression, hence "adventure RPG".

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But there's not really much point in character progression if there's nothing to use it on. Character progression here just involves clicking on certain things until you can click on other things. You aren't even given any choices over what stats you gain, and each new tier of equipment is strictly better than the previous. Likewise, there is nothing to explore that isn't related to combat. Through exploration, you discover enemies and items that help you fight enemies, and that's about it. I hoped for there to be some meaningful interactions with the goblins and bandits and my genocide of them given that they're, you know, people, but no such luck.