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Alright! So I played this game! And wooow! I'm truly amazed and terrified at the same time! :O <3 And that is a true Cosmic Horror feeling! xD Dat ending just... Oh my. x(( :( But yah! I really enjoyed the game! The battle animations and action sequences were epic! The prof with his chair bashing, Rachelle's teleporter were 2 of many that were unique and epic to look at! :D The gameplay was really fast-paced as the party tends to do super attacks every now and again, which was cool! The premise is really amazing! Truly mysterious and haunting, especially when you get to the end. ;) But yah! I was half expecting that to happen, but when it already happened, I was still just as shocked. :O Overall, I really enjoyed this one! Great job Nova Kane Inc.! <3


Thank you so much, Starmage. We worked really hard on the game, and we had lots of fun making it. Glad you had a great time playing it.