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I really liked the story, graphics, and characters. It's super charming and I liked making the planets, Howeverrr, I feel like the ingredients are obviously either good or bad at least at the start and I couldn't get it to orbit. Still tho, it was a super polished and interesting game that was really unique.


Thank you so much for your wonderful warm comment! We listened to the comments about the launch and uploaded a new, slightly more balanced build, in which the launch of the planet into orbit is simplified in favor of the player, the explosions are more epic, and less materials are needed to create a planet. Regarding the obvious materials: at first we had Napoleonic plans, we wanted to make a gradual increase in complexity and more quests, so that the player first understood the simpler things to do, but unfortunately did not have time to implement it, as well as different types of galaxies and different other features. However, if we decide to continue this project, we will certainly think about the increasing complexity! Thank you again =^___^=.