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Thank you so much for your kind words!! I agree that the thrust was pretty eh, I had a hard time getting it to feel good but I can definitely work on it more. I really appreciate your feedback!!!

I totally agree. I just couldn't find a speed that let people turn around fast and didn't make the ship completely uncontrollably. I'll definitely work on it more though because feeling in control is super essential! Thank you so much for your feedback!!!

Haha I'm super glad! Doing a 360 and absolutely obliterating some green blobs is a v good feeling. Thanks a tooonnn for the feedback though, I'll do my best to patch it out. Thanks for commenting!!

I'm glad to hear it man! I might expand it more someday but I'm not really planning on it rn. That does mean a lot tho :)

I enjoyed it. It was simple but fun(especially avoiding the asteroids. The movement was a bit sluggish and it seemed impossible to predict where the asteroids were coming from though. I also made my game in godot! Glad to see others using it

I really enjoyed this game! The satellite is super fun to control and the asteroids made me feel super pressured. I would suggest that you somehow make all the planets important because I just focused on one and ignored the others. Also, I think making the asteroids come more often and make the planets have less time to fill up would make it even more fun. I really liked the concept though and I honestly had a lot of fun!!

I really liked the music and visuals. I found it hard to get used to the controls but I loved the world and the characters. So many cool details and stuff. I really hope you do more level design/ art stuff

The voice scared me so much. Good job adding that part in cuz I was super confused. I thought the gameplay was interesting and I liked how much the gun knocked you back. I also used Godot for my game and found it super fun to make so I hope you did too.

I really liked the story, graphics, and characters. It's super charming and I liked making the planets, Howeverrr, I feel like the ingredients are obviously either good or bad at least at the start and I couldn't get it to orbit. Still tho, it was a super polished and interesting game that was really unique.

I enjoyed it! A bit tough at parts but the music was super nice

My very first game jam game is an arcade style action thing. I really hope you like it!

I found the same bug but sadly at that point I only had 10 min left :/.  Thanks a ton for your feedback!!!

Thank you soooo muchhhhhh!! Fun was definitely the #1 goal although I'm sorry the engine sound got in ur way.

Aww dude I'm sorry. I'm glad you liked the rest of it tho!!

This is heavenly

It took me a while to understand the energy mechanic but I thought the animations were smooth and the gameplay was interesting.

I really enjoyed this! Super well done graphics and tense gameplay. I think this would be super fun on mobile!

You guys did such a great job! Would love to play it on mobile with some different skins and stuff as unlockables

I personally found it a bit confusing and ended up wandering off the map. I really liked the cutscene at the start though, and you really seemed to nail the sort of lonely wanderer feeling you were going for. 

It's such a cool game that has just a few design flaws that make it not as fun to play as it could have been. Personally, I would suggest not making players wait for the people to get into the ship and make it clearer what each of the effects are. Still though, crazy cool idea and excellent art

Interesting and unique idea, really stuck with the theme. Sadly, it was super buggy for me and didn't orbit at all how I wanted it to. Definitely not bad though.