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On linux running ./ -vr starts up fine but the menu is cropped and doesn't respond to mouse input anywhere in the window, presumably the input coordinates are messed up. Not sure if you're supposed to see vr controllers to use in the menu but I don't see any.

Hey haagch,

the game is not tested for vr on linux. I was tested with an Oculus Rift on a Windows 10 machine. Maybe we can reprocude the error there aswell. Is it playable if you use the mouse to navigate the menu. Also Vr controllers are sadly not supported. We want to inprove this in the future.

Best regards


The menu doesn't react to mouse clicks anywhere in the window. (But it works fine in non-VR mode).

It may only be the menu that's problematic. Would it be possible to make the menu work with keyboard (arrowkeys + enter)?

Sure, we can work on a patch for that