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So I'm checking the Spooktober 2020 Jam submissions and find yours. At first I thought it was a horror game, but turns out it's a wholesome game. 

The Characters sprites and persona are really adorable, really love the chemistry between the three of them. I also love the pixel looks, it makes it special. The sound composition are also excellent. Can't wait to enter the escape room.

Hey, thank you for the video! I will watch it as soon as possible, I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far! 😊


Yes! Loving it!


Finally finishing it, the end kind of suspicious, luckily it was just a prank. Loving this game. For the Escape Room I think there should be more clue to be added because I was kind of confused on how to solve it and have to check the clue document a little bit. Would love to see these trio again one day!

Thank you for the wonderful video! I'm supper happy that you enjoyed the game, thank you for your comment 😊