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We've received many messages regarding the final submission date, asking us to move it. And while the jam's called "One Week Jam" (and it's already spanned almost ten days), we've decided - due to popular request - to extend it almost one more week. The deadline will be moved to next Friday (Sep. 28), in order to give you a few more days to finish your projects and whatnot. That will be the final (we mean it!) submission date, so make you sure you submit your entry before then.

Have fun and enjoy,

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Of course you can! There are no rules regarding engines, programming languages, graphical or audio resources... or anything else. You just have to make a game in any way you like ;D


Worry not! Use this link to submit your game: :D

Great! Use this link for late submitting to the jam:

Don't worry! Use this link to submit your game to the jam.

Wo! Nice! We'll be expecting it!

Oh god the soundtrack AHAHA

Intriguing. Worth of a thousand replays. Well done!

When I saw this game on the gif you posted on twitter I laughed my ass off for an hour straight. Great concept. Good job.

Oh, great! Thank you very much!

Hi there!

Along with a few colleagues of mine I've been organizing a game jam. We've written a jam page here on and published it a few hours ago, but it doesn't seem to have made its way into the calendar or the upcoming jams page. So I just wanted to know, do we have to do something special for that to happen, or there's a revision period or something like that? Or it won't even end up there for whatever reason?

Thank you very much!