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Hi! :D   first of all, thanks for creating this peculiar character
I like the character, I plan to use it as an unlockable character quite OP and fun to play  Despite not being a main character, she plays a very main role by being the third character to join. You did a great job  <3  thank you for leaving the download open and let me  check the character and use it, I fell in love with it, thank you for sharing it, Her appearance contrasts too much with the rest of the characters and that makes her very authentic. for now she has only made a small appearance in the next game

But everything is being prepared for her big debut <3 

One last thing, can I mention you on twitter? for now I am starting.

So I don't have much diffusion but sometimes I put gifs where I show characters and I could mention you in them when the little witch appears.

Have a great day I wish you the best .

Thank you for this nice character


I am very glad you liked it and that it found a home in your project. You can absolutely mention me on twitter if you feel like it.