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This was fun. I liked it.

I am really impressed to have seen this turn up so far on the game frontpage. Nicely done. Awesome game. It was great when I first played it and I am happy that so many other people feel the same.

No problem. I am glad you could use them! 😁

If that is something you’d be interested in then I will look into adding them. 😊

Thank you kindly 😊

Awesome! I think your link may be a little buggy.🤔 Great work! 😄

Haha not to worry. I was sure we’d figure it out. 😁 I liked your games, keep making more! fr 👍

Remember to add credits here as well. 😄

You’ve got some pretty interesting gameplay in this one. I like that you’ve built the puzzle around your jump and your enemy placements often make for interesting situations. I especially liked your rabbit character. I am not sure what the voice clip you have is supposed to be saying and the hurt state is a little buggy with it sending me flying out of the screen a couple of times.

You could probably use the rest of the tileset to make your visuals a little more consistent, improvise the rest of the tiles if needed, and use color variation to distinguish between object types. All in all a pretty nice project, just remember to add credits to this page as well. 😁

I can’t seem to get your link to work 🤔 but I saw it on your profile, nice job. 😊

If you have bought this and have any uses using it, do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you kindly 😁

I like the puzzles a lot. They get you thinking. 😁

I might suggest a couple quality of life changes:

  • Make the player able to use the arrow keys as well.
  • Make players able to press “R” to restart

Hey Jintenzo, I have just released the Switch Buttons. 😁 They are for sale at $2 until the 21st.

You absolutely can! 😁

I am glad you found a use for them! 😁

It was my pleasure! 😁

If some of you have any questions then be sure to ask them! :)

This. As far as I remember, I didn’t want to reuse frames too much.

I might make some for switch, but it the font should be under “Specification” in the ReadMe. 😁

Yup. 😁

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No problem/괜찮아요 😁


Well, there are a lot of ways you can approach this, but it mostly depends on what engine you’ve decided to use. When you know that you can pretty much just look up “Animating sprites in ______” and there should be some videos.😁 Do you know what engine you are using?(Unity, GameMaker, Godot, etc.)

I may be misremembering but I believe they are 24px24px.

As long as you give credit to me and Demching then yes.

Hey Kotesto,

I am glad you liked them! The best part of having made them is getting to see all your projects! So I am happy that you found a creative way to use them too. 😊

Keep up the great work!

Absolutely. :)

Sure. I don’t mind. Just remember to give us both credit when you publish your project. :) If you send it to me, then I’ll add it to the list as well.

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Hi there. The 2 most important animations is the idle animation on 4 frames (1-4*) and the running animation on 6 frames. (5-10*)

However; In general, I think it is a good exercise when using premade assets, to leave things up to your creativity. If you can get something out of mixing and matching the sprites, then I highly encourage it.

I hope this helps you along. 🙂

*If the animation system you are using starts on 0 then just subtract 1 from what I wrote.

Hi Hisam. Sorry about the belated answer, but sadly I won’t be making anymore changes to this asset pack. 🙂 I highly encourage you to give it a go yourself though. It might be a good exercise and if not, then you can always be creative and maybe look at how other games might handle death and jump animations. There is a couple hurt sprites you might be able to repurpose for the death animation as well as a frame within the running animation that might be well suited. 🤔 Be creative and let me know what you figure out. 😁

+1 to this.

Sorry but I don’t do commissions atm. But thank you for showing interest.

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Hey Balmain. I appreciate your reaching out in regards to this issue, as it is one that concerns many artists such as myself.

However; If you take a look under “More information” on the project page, you should be able to see the specific license that constitute your rights and mine, in regards to the use of the asset.

You can read about it here:

I hope that helps! :D

If you were playing on a laptop, you may have been required to hold down the “Fn”-key while using the Fx-keys.

Go nuts. As long as you give proper credit, then you go right ahead. 😎

I don’t think I ever good back you on this, but I adjusted both projects to comply with your suggestion. It was pretty much just an oversight on my end since changing the project to a free to use assets.

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That would be perfectly fine :) Edit: Where ever you keep your credits in the game is just as good for me.

No problem. Good luck with your project!

Yup 😃 Be sure to send me a link when you’ve released - I always love to see what people make. 😊