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Wonderful stuff! I hope your project takes off and Thank you for the great professionalism. :) I don’t mind if you’d prefer deleting this thread.

I think it is wonderful that you’ve decided to remix my design a bit. However, I am not so happy with you reuploading all of the work included in the original. In addition I’d appreciate it if you noted in your description that attribution should go to both you and I. :)

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Sure. As long as your remember to attribute, you have creative freedom.

Nvm. I found out: “Cmd/ctrl + shift + T”

How do I get back the default theme?

I’d like to donate when downloading, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. :)

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Anytime :)


That’s right. The developer of Days Gone is using this sprite sheet for one of their basic enemies. :)

If there is enough demand for it I will probably make a Switch asset pack as well. For now though, I suggest using the Xbox ones, yeah. Stick around and we’ll see what the near future brings.

If you are using it for your thesis you probably have an appendix, literature list or accreditation section or something and you could probably add it there. But if you aren’t looking to publish the work itself, then don’t worry about it. :)

If you leave a reference/link to my twitter then that is enough, yeah. :)

I don’t seem to be able to. If you want people to play your games I suggest making them free. Of course, that is up to you to decide. :)

Thanks a lot. :D

Aww thanks :)

Ayy! Thanks, bud! ;D

Thank you ☺

Interesting concept, unforgiving checkpoints.


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Yup. Just remember to credit and you are good. :)

Takes a hot minute

Good luck!

Yup. It kinda started out as a premium asset and then became free.

Show people your project and how you used the assets.

Show people your project and how you used the assets.

And it loves you.

However having just now noticed when this was uploaded, I can see how that maybe unfeasible to ask.

Having the option to “right click” and there by Lock a certain field when generating would be pretty neat.

Interesting art style

Thanks a whole bunch, I’ll be sure to give it a whirl when I have the time. I hope you’ll have good wind with your future project.

Then go tell @wtfmig to finish his already :P

Glad to see someone finally finish a game about a chicken with a sword…

Thanks a bunch! I will be sure to give it a whirl as soon as possible.

I would actually love to try your game if you wouldn’t mind sending it.

I had a chance to look at your game again today, would you per chance mind sending it to me so I could get to try it?

I am happy that you like them and that they could help you get started. The beginning can be a pretty tough part, but if “not drawing the prettiest art right of the bat” doesn’t discourage you, then I am sure you are gonna do great. Keep working on your games and good luck with the pixels. :)

Thanks a lot. You could probably the middle sections of the running animation for this purpose. There are two frames in there that look a lot like a jump and a fall and I’ve seen those used before. :)

I had a chance to play this recently and I must I say I was really impressed with how well it worked. I tried the German exercise and after only a couple tries I found myself grabbing things without second guessing. Great work - I hope you keep working on this concept.

Yup. As long as you give credit, you can modify them.