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Arks with a little reference to my twitter would be nice :) @scissormarks

That is just A'okay. ;) Glad you like them!

Great art with a lot of potential. I don't know if I am a big fan of the timer tho. I agree that some notable Tokyo locations would be really cool for this; Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku's shopping streets, Shibuya crossing or something similar. If you want a timer you could make it a day to night cycle where location and lighting helped build scores. But regardless; cute game.


Hey, be a real hero and leave this up when you decide to release Shady. It is a nice piece to reflect on and the prototype itself is brilliant!

This really got to me. Nice work.

Wait what why?????

I am not sure what you mean by that. What have you been using it with?

Several people have used parts of it. In fact we're currently using some of it for a project as well. :)

This is a solid tileset for start up devs or anybody wanting to study some great pixel art. I have bought it to support the artist and I would urge others to do the same.

Yeah there was already a license on it. This is the one you should adhere to. :)

Oh I thought I'd put that on already, welp, give me a second.

Intersting style choice. Did you get some inspiration somewhere ;)

As long as it is properly credited with or without edit, then I am fine with it. :)

 Bold claim

Sounds like an issue you might experiencing with your pc rather than with unity. Could you find and close the process?

To be honest the idea behind them just being cubes actually adds to the game.

This is pretty much one of the coolest vertical slices I have ever tried.

Sorry no, this project is over at this point, so I most likely won't make any more changes to it. You are more than welcome to test your abilities with it though, could make for good practice. :)

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This project is over at this point, so I won't be making any additional changes to it, you are more than welcome to make the changes yourself though. :)

Think you were right, but I have yet to test it further, but I managed to get it to work, albeit with square as confirm, but that was easily fixed.

Trying really hard to get my PS4 controller to work with this but so far no luck. Help?

Pretty sure it is on my creator profile, but @ScissorMarks

A bit weird, but a cute experiment. I am also really digging the pokemon-esque characters.

Many thanks and congratulations on your game :)

Good work and thank you for the honour. :)

Congratulations and good job!

Both preferably, and as Arks with my Twitter tag, will do just fine. :)

I am taking damage through my sword.


Woah! You should've told me! =O

Remember to put credits on the project :)

Excited to hear about your game. Crediting me as Arks @scissormarks is fine. :)

So yeah please post a new one.

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You did only pay $5 for it, hot stuff. Cool your jets a bit.

I get that there is a 3d bonus stage or 2, but I am not sure that makes it a 3d platformer

I am really not feeling the front page, it is really uninviting and visual communication feels hampered by the lack of color-coding.  The way the front page felt distinct from the other pages made for a great initial experience, it felt like what you were seeing had been carefully picked for you and displayed in the most inviting way possible, now everything just feels the same and I have trouble distinguishing each section of the page as all the visual cues are the same.

Hey David, I just wanted to let you know that I am still using your app on daily basis, and with it also wanted to know if you can add a setting that would make it default to hex over RGB, as I find it a lot more handy for quickly pasting colors.

Depending on what software you are using, change the sampling settings for the scaling from "bilinear" to "nearest neighbor". Nearest neighbor is key here, so no matter what it is set to at the moment, change it to that. In addition, remember that if you scale, you will lose quality if you don't scale it by a whole number. :)